Texts and Traditions

Texts and Traditions is an annual event where a panel of expert colleagues discuss issues of shared concern across the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions. Past topics have included Abraham's sacrifice of his son, the Afterlife, Jesus, Moses, and the concept of Justice. Please join us every October!

A pattern on the ceiling of a mosque

Texts and Traditions IX
The Book: in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Traditions

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019
Butler Board Room
3:30-5:00 p.m.

Prof. Martyn Oliver, Philosophy and Religion & Arab World Studies
Prof. Joel Daniels, Philosophy and Religion
Prof. Lauren Strauss, Jewish Studies

Previous Events

2011- "Sacrifice, Surrender, and Symbolism: The Three Faiths Interpret Abraham's Binding of His Son"
2012- "Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Visions of Creation"
2013- "Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Visions of Afterlife"
2014- "Moses and the Monotheists"
2015- "Jesus: Jewish Rabbi, Son of God, Spirit of Allah"
2016- "Views of the Other in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam"
2017- "Reform and the Religious"
2018- "The Question of Justice in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam"
2019- "The Book: In Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Traditions"