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Hayley Manke

Hayley Manke

Curriculum Vitae

I am a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology with a minor in Justice at American University. After taking Dr. Riley’s 'Drugs and Behavior' course, I became interested in learning more about the rewarding and aversive effects of drugs and how they mediate drug intake. I am also particularly interested in the neurobiological underpinnings of the behavioral effects of drugs. Once I complete my undergraduate degree, I plan on getting my Ph.D. and practicing clinical psychology.

Working in Dr. Riley’s pharmacology lab this fall will be my first time in a research setting, and as such I have yet to find my niche. So far I have a general interest in recreational drug use/abuse and how these compounds in combination with other factors may affect behavior. I have a slightly different perspective from other members in the lab in that I am specifically interested in looking at drug policies and regulations from a criminal justice point of view in combination with a drive to understand drugs at a biological level. This fall, I will begin working with Katie Nelson on a study that uses the drug discrimination procedure to assess the stimulus properties of Alpha-PVP.