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TESOL Newsletter, 2022 Spring


Student Spotlight: Amina Rahman

"I believe good teachers are life long learners who not only learn from books or methods or their peers, but who also learn from their students."

Amina Rahman Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight: Xinxin Wang

"You will come across different classmates with diverse cultures and thoughts based on everyone's unique life and teaching experience. Sometimes, you may or may not agree with them, but you will always benefit from and be inspired by their knowledge."

Xinxin Wang Spotlight

Recent TESOL Graduates

Congratulations to our Recent TESOL Graduates!

TESOL Graduation 2021

Photo by Dr. Chip Gerfen


  • Linmengyu Zhao
  • Mason Zhou
  • Ruijuan Hu

Student, Alumni and Faculty Notes

American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) Conference (19-22 March 2022, Pittsburgh, PA) 

  • Ingrid Rodrick Beiler, PhD (MA TESOL 2010) • “Epistemological shifts and enduring ideologies of language in a translanguaging project” with Joke Dewilde.
  • Yulia Khoruzhaya, (MA TESOL 2018) • “Constructional processing in L2 Spanish learners: Effects of proficiency and verb-construction association strength. American Association for Applied Linguistics” with Dr. Kevin McManus.

TESOL 2022 International Convention & English Language Expo (22-25 March 2022, Pittsburgh, PA)

  • Andrew Screen (MA TESOL 2011) • “Teaching with You Glish: Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation, and Building Autonomy."
  • Dr. Tabitha Kidwell & Dr. Polina Vinogradova, ALIS/TEIS Panel • "Problematizing the Problem: Approaches to a Multicultural and Multilingual Classroom."
  • Dr. Polina Vinogradova (with Dr. Heather Linville) • "Digital Storytelling as a Tool for Translanguaging and Multilingual Pedagogy."
  • Tessa Ambridge (MA TESOL 2009) is the ELL Program Manager at Solutions in Hometown Connections, based in Riverdale, MD. In this role, she supports teachers and further develops the program.
  • Lama Masri (MA TESOL 2014) is the ESOL Program Manager in Adult Education and ESOL, which is part of Continuing Education and Workforce Development (CEWD). She oversees the Targeted ESL, a non-credit, fee-based program, and Academic ESOL, the credit program for students who are planning to get an Associate Degree or Certification.
  • Ingrid Rodrick Beiler, PhD (MA TESOL 2010) is Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics in the Department of Primary and Secondary Teacher Education, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway.

Dr. Robin Barr

Dr. Robin Barr

  • From January 27-28, Dr. Barr was invited to give a 2-day plenary workshop on "Psycholinguistics and Teaching Pronunciation" for the Fulbright FLTA Mid-Year Conference. She usually give this talk for them every year, but this year they quickly had to shift to all-virtual and split it over two days. They had almost 400 participants in 40 or so breakout rooms, and luckily she had the assistance of some AUTESOL students and alumni as facilitators: many thanks to Vera Abankwa and Connie Gelb (MA TESOL 2012)! •
  • On Friday, March 11, Dr. Barr was the eponymous linguist in ELTS's "Ask the Linguist" discussion hour.
  • On Wednesday, May 4 at 6:30 p.m., Dr. Barr will again be the official "pronouncer" for the annual MCAEL (Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy) adult Spelling Bee -- this time in person, she hopes! This is the annual fund-raiser, so you have to pay for tickets, or you can sponsor a vowel, for example. There’s a chance it might be streamed live, so stay tuned for more information.

Dr. Polina Vinogradova

Dr. Polina Vinogradova

  • Dr. Vinogradova attended Language Education for Social Justice Virtual Summer School and Conference in Applied Language Studies at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland (June 2021). There, together with her long-time collaborator Dr. Heather Linville, she conducted the workshop “Language Teachers for Social Justice: Preparing to Advocate for Students, Colleagues, and the TESOL Profession.”
  • Dr. Vinogradova is happy to announce her newest publication: Linville, H. L., & Vinogradova, P. (2022). Voices, perspectives, and actions of advocacy in diverse ELT contexts. In Ch. E. Poteau & C. A. Winkle (Eds.). Advocacy for social and linguistic justice in TESOL (pp. 153-165). Routledge.