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Knowledge for Change's Sake

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Christine Platt
Managing Director, Antiracist Research & Policy Center


Antiracist Research / Pol Ctr 4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington, DC 20016-8038 United States

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Knowledge for Change's Sake

The mission of The Antiracist Research and Policy Center is to produce knowledge for change's sake. We engage in research of racial inequity and discrimination that leads to policy innovation and implementation. We strive to build a world of equal opportunity for all, resting on a foundation of tenacious people who believe an antiracist world is possible.

Currently in Year Zero, we are carefully building our conceptual, fiscal, and strategic foundation to ensure the Center will become and remain a powerful force for equal opportunity.

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Celebrating "The FD200"

Statue of Frederick Douglass

To honor Frederick Douglass during 2018, the bicentennial of his birth, we are partnering with the Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives to highlight 200 people who embody the spirit of the man's work as an abolitionist, writer, educator, politician, feminist, entrepreneur, and diplomat.

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Save the Date: Book Festival April 27, 2019

Pile of books

The nation's top authors on race will converge in Washington, DC, at the 1st Annual Antiracist Book Festival on Saturday, April 27, 2019. It will be the world's first and only book festival dedicated to literature on racial justice.

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Message from the Founder

We cannot sit on the sidelines as inequality passes on to another generation.

Despite spending years dissecting the ugly face of racism, I never lost faith in the beauty of human potential. I still believe we can build a world where equity and opportunity are inalienable human rights. That is why I founded The Antiracist Research and Policy Center. We must believe change is possible in order to make it. We must have faith in change.