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Technology Policy Changemaker Award

Zachary Tudor, Associate Laboratory Director at Idaho National Laboratory, won the 2023 Outstanding Inclusive Technology Policy Changemaker Award.

Outstanding Tech Policy Changemaker Award

 This award was established to honor individuals who, throughout their careers, have demonstrated a consistent pattern of activity designed to advance inclusive global technology policy and show no signs of stopping. Recipients need not be graduates of American University, but are any global leaders whose passion and dedication to fostering an inclusive tech policy environment, uplifts, inspires and drives change. Those who have demonstrated exceptional and sustained contributions to the field, exemplify outstanding leadership, and show a continued commitment to technology policy are eligible for nomination for this award. Read about the distinguished 2021 inaugural recipient, Doreen Bogdan-Martin, Director of Development.

Eligibility Criteria

A candidate for receipt of the Outstanding Technology Policy Changemaker Award:

  • Must be committed to inclusivity and excellence within technology policy
  • Should be working towards digital inclusion as an overall goal of high impact technological evolution
  • Must have attained notable achievement or made a lasting contribution in their professional or voluntary endeavors
  • Demonstrates innovative approaches to lifting underrepresented voices in technology policy
  • Dedicated to and passionate about making impactful change in the face of a challenge
  • Displays ongoing commitment and continued dedication to driving future change
  • Attend Award Ceremony at American University

Requirements for Nominations

  • Nominators must submit a 500-word narrative establishing the candidate's key accomplishments as they relate to the award criteria. Details including a description of why the nominee is deserving of the recognition, how they continue to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to inclusive technology policy, and what resources they have to ignite salient and impactful change in the future are all appropriate for this part of the nomination.
  • Nominators must include consent to nominate the individual
  • A separate nomination form must be submitted for each nominee
  • Incomplete nomination packets will not be considered
  • Self-nominations will not be considered

Nomination Process & Timeline

  • Nominations Open: May 1, 2024 

  • Nominations Close: June 1, 2024  

  • Nominations must be submitted via the nomination portal: Link HERE

Please contact with any questions.

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