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University Budget Office

University Budget Resource Center

American University’s budget process provides a direct link between resource allocations and the university’s strategic plan, American University and the Next Decade: Leadership for a Changing World. The two-year budget process also enables the university to address multi-year financial implications and achieve operating efficiency.

A diligent effort is made to ensure the university’s budget, and the formulation process that results in its development, is transparent and provides opportunities for participation and input by the university community. The purpose of this resource center is to support that effort. Information provided here includes milestones for the current budget cycle, budget development guidelines, and special reports on each two-year budget from AU’s president to the university community.

Town Hall Budget Presentations

View Budget Presentations

Timeline of Key Milestones

View Timeline of Milestones

Budget Development Guidelines

View Budget Guidelines

Budget FY2018 and 2019

View Budget FY2018 and 2019

Budget FY2016 and 2017

View Budget FY2016 and 2017

Budget FY2014 and 2015

View Budget FY2014 and 2015