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Interdepartmental Object Codes

The full list of interdepartmental object codes is now as follows:

  • 49919 - Inter-departmental revenue, general
  • 49920 - Inter-departmental revenue, space rental
  • 49921 - Inter-departmental revenue, parking
  • 59919 - Inter-departmental expense, general
  • 59920 - Inter-departmental expense, space rental
  • 59921 - Inter-departmental expense, parking

Space rental and parking were selected based on the large number of interdepartmental transactions that occur throughout the university in these two categories. Any transactions that do not fit within these two categories should continue to be posted to the general interdepartmental accounts (49919-revenue, 59919-expense).

Please contact your school/department's assigned Budget Officer to request any new accounts within Fund 10 that you would like to open with these new object codes. The University Budget Office will also be reaching out specifically to schools/departments who have a high volume of transactions in these areas to discuss opening new accounts.

If you have any questions regarding interdepartmental object codes, don't hesitate to contact us:

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