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Parking Enforcement Vehicle Immobilization (Booting)

Vehicles with $300 in outstanding fines or three (3) or more open citations past 30 calendar days are subject to vehicle immobilization via the application of a vehicle immobilization device: a "boot." American University assumes no liability during the application or removal of the boot.

Once a vehicle is immobilized, the boot will only be removed after all open citations have been paid. Vehicles issued any of the following citations may be subject to immobilization, and individuals found to have caused, committed, or benefited from the below infractions may be subject to University Police investigation, and referral to Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Services, Employee Relations, or the Office of the Provost as appropriate: 

  • Displaying, Manufacturing or Possessing a Stolen or Fraudulent Permit,
  • Providing false vehicle registration information, 
  • More than one vehicle per registrant on campus at the same time,
  • Obscuring or removing license plate.

After a vehicle remains booted in excess of 30 calendar days without the vehicle owner contacting the Office of Parking and Commuter Services, the vehicle is considered abandoned and subject to the following:

  • The vehicle may be investigated and/or ticketed by the Metropolitan Police Department
  • The vehicle may be towed and impounded by the Metropolitan Police Department
  • The vehicle may be towed by a contractor at the University's discretion
  • The University assumes no liability for impoundment or impounded vehicles
  • At the time of impoundment, the vehicle owner is responsible for payment of all impoundment, storage, and disposal fees assessed by the towing company
  • Once impounded by a private contractor, the vehicle owner has 30 days to pay the contractor before the vehicle is disposed of by the contractor

Tickets Payments and Appeals

Please visit the Parking Portal for additional information.

Contractor Parking

Contact for more information about vendor and contractor parking.