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Development and Alumni Relations Staff

Office of the Vice President

Courtney Surls, Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations, 202-885-3405

Lee Holsopple, Assistant Vice President of Lifetime Philanthropy and Special Campaigns, 202-885-3409
Raina Lenney, Assistant Vice President of Alumni Relations, 202-885-5936
Dan Luperchio, Assistant Vice President of Development, 202-885-6624
James Corey, Assistant Vice President of Development, 202-885-3424
Leah Brady, Executive Director of Campaign Engagement, 202-885-5918
Jackie Mabry, Executive Director of Principal Gift Strategies, 202-885-5927
Jesse Lanier, Director of Budget and Personnel, 202-885-3552

Stacey Taylor, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Development, 202-885-3462
D'Avonna Evans, Senior Administrative Assistant, 202-885-3426
Carol Villatoro, Senior Administrative Assistant, 202-885-6603
Stephen Masson, Senior Administrative Assistant, Advancement Operations & Campaign Engagement, 202-885-6601

Dan Luperchio, Assistant Vice President of Development, 202-885-6624

Data Quality

Natacha Lo, Director of Data Quality, 202-885-5965
Peter Burnes, Development Reporting Analyst, 202-895-4985
Tremaine Johns, Training and Application Support Coordinator, 202-885-5940
Abiy ZeMichael, Advancement Operations Business Analyst, 202-885-2807

Gift Administration

Syed Bashir, Director of Gift Administration, 202-885-5911
Dan Bontempi, Assistant Director of Gift Administration, 202-885-5937

Prospect Development

Lauren Mairella, Director of Prospect Development, 202-885-5923
Daniel Angster, Assistant Director of Advancement Research, 202-885-5922
Chanese Hamilton, Prospect Research Analyst, 202-885-1865

Reporting and Analytics

Samantha Howell, Director of Reporting and Analytics in Advancement Operations, 202-885-5912
Arthur Deegan, Associate Director of Advancement Data Analysis and Reporting, 202-885-5913
Kayleigh Baker, Reporting Analyst, 202-885-2149
Shakila Haidari, Report Writer, 202-885-5913


Raina Lenney, Assistant Vice President of Alumni Relations, 202-885-5936
Miranda Lang, Senior Administrative Assistant, 202-885-5968

Alumni Engagement

Carlita Pitts, Senior Director of Alumni Engagement, 202-885-5921
Jonathon Sorge, Director of Alumni Outreach, 202-885-5961 
Kristy Silva, Assistant Director of Alumni Outreach, 202-885-3412
Asantewa Boakyewa, Director of Multicultural & Affinity Engagement, 202-885-5930
April Hobby, Associate Director of Outreach, 202-885-5933
Caitlin Wise, Associate Director of Special Events and Young Alumni Engagement, 202-885-626
Maya Graham, Assistant Director of Multicultural and Affinity Engagement, 202-885-6613
Amber McClay, Assistant Director of Student-Alumni Engagement, 202-885-5902
Charley Fogel, Alumni Career Programs Coordinator, 202-885-6001

Alumni Communications and Marketing

Traci Crockett, Director of Alumni Communications and Marketing, 202-885-5910
Alicia Kubert, Assistant Director of Alumni Communications, 202-885-6618

James Corey, Assistant Vice President of Development, 202-885-3424


Chris Stewart, Director of Development, Athletics and Recreation, 202-885-6612
Brian Meyer, Assistant Director of Development, Athletics and Recreation, 202-885-3104

Campus Initiatives

Nicole Weaver, Director of Development, University Library and Campus Initiatives, 202-885-3199

College of Arts and Sciences

Elizabeth Harless, Assistant Dean of Development, 202-885-5907
Christina Esters, Director of Development, 202-885-2435
Vera Luxner, Director of Development, 202-885-2986
Elizabeth Ainger, Development Coordinator, 202-885-6607

Kogod School of Business

Tim Fuderich, Assistant Dean of Development, 202-885-1884
Lindsay Hyndman, Development Coordinator, 202-885-6368

School of Communication

Nada Maalouf, Chief Development Officer, 202-885-2652
Jesse Goldsmith, Director of Development in School of Communication, 202-885-5919 
Nancy Sturm, Director of Development, Investigative Reporting Workshop, 202-885-3601
Olivia Hoogestraat, Development Coordinator, 202-885-3073

School of Education

Anika Ragins Riley, Chief Development Officer, 202-885-6528

School of International Service

Deanna Bezold, Assistant Director of Development, 202-885-1616

School of Public Affairs

Laura Mikolajko, Chief Development Officer, 202-885-3968
Victoria Black, Director of Development, 202-885-2661
Kayla Clark, Development Coordinator, 202-885-6615

Leah Brady, Executive Director of Campaign Engagement, 202-885-5918

Advancement Communications

Elizabeth Neville, Director, Advancement Communications and Campaign Coordinator, 202-885-5926
Israel Cano, Assistant Director, Advancement Communications, 202-885-2515
Melissa Nyman, Advancement Writer, 202-885-3215
Katherine Argueta, Graphic Designer, 202-885-3964

Campaign and Strategic Events

Beth O'Brien, Director, Campaign and Strategic Events, 202-885-5925
Grettie vonVorys-Norton, Strategic Events Assistant, 202-885-5903

Donor Relations and Stewardship

Cassandra Zacharkiw, Director, Donor Relations and Stewardship, 202-885-5938
Michelle Smith, Donor Relations Coordinator, 202-885-6594

Dan Luperchio, Assistant Vice President of Development, 202-885-6624

Annual Giving

Casey Jacobs, Director of Development, Annual Giving, 202-885-5924
Hannah Grimm, Associate Director of Development, 202-885-5929
Kristin Griswold, Associate Director of Development, 202-885-3828
Zachary Vlahos, Associate Director of Development, 202-885-2876
Sarah Beamish, Assistant Director, Annual Giving, 202-885-5939
Chelsea Champlin, Assistant Director, Data and Reporting, 202-885-3632
Lauren Hegedus, Assistant Director, Annual Giving, 202-885-3974
Caitlin Kushnir, Annual Giving Coordinator, 202-885-3825

Corporate and Foundation Relations

Amy Butler, Senior Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, 202-885-3415

Parent and Family Philanthropy

Megan Olson, Director of Development, Parent and Family Philanthropy, 202-885-5905

Office of Planned Giving

Seth Speyer, Executive Director of Planned Giving, 202-885-3411
Kara Barnes, Senior Director of Planned Giving, 202-885-5914
Colette Gilner, Assistant Director of Development, 202-885-6634

Jackie Mabry, Executive Director of Prinicipal Gift Strategies, 202-885-5927
Julia Parmley, Director of Campaign Initiatives, 202-885-6309