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Latino and Hispanic Faculty & Staff Affinity Group

Our mission

The Latino and Hispanic Faculty & Staff Affinity Group (LHFSA) serves to organize, develop, and elevate our community on campus through advocacy, support, and education.

  • Support: Be the voice of the Latino/Hispanic community, including those who may feel like they don’t have a voice or the opportunities.
  • Advocate: Engage in dialogues with other groups across campus.
  • Inform: Provide insight about the Latino/Hispanic community to the rest of the AU community.
  • Build-Up/Development: Build skills to help with upward mobility, professional development, and more.
  • Visibility: Create a community/support network that demonstrates Latinos/Hispanics as a visible part in leadership and the AU community.

Jackie Garcia - Co-Chair

Vince Chapa - Co-Chair

Milton Garcia - Marketing & Communications Chair

Adrian Sanchez - Secretary & Treasurer

Mauricio Burgos - Network & Social Representative

American University SIS Building

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As a group, we aim to support our community on and off-campus. With that in mind, our events are catered by local, Latino-owned restaurants and businesses. Businesses we have supported include:


AU Latino & Hispanic Mentorship Program

AU Latino & Hispanic Mentorship Program - Apply by 8/31

Apply to be a mentor or mentee in this year-round initiative!

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AU Latino & Hispanic Mentorship Program

AU Latino & Hispanic Mentorship Program

Mentorship represents a collaborative approach to professional and personal advancement, for both mentors and mentees. The AU Latino & Hispanic Faculty and Staff Affinity Group is proud to launch a pilot mentorship program with the support of an Inclusive Excellence Mini-Grant, to partner Hispanic, Latino, and Latinx students with similarly identified faculty and staff. In minority communities, professional networks remain underdeveloped. The purpose of this mentorship program is to build a community of connection that promotes personal growth and career development. In Spring 2019, we launched this program as a 3-month pilot. With the engagement and support of our community, we have evolved the program into a year-round initiative. Our second cohort of the program will run from September 2019 - April 2020.

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