Customer Support Award

Tavia Harper
Counseling Center

Tavia is the first touchpoint for students contacting the Counseling Center, and often, students are at their lowest point.

The person answering Counseling Center calls must be gentle, professional, and thorough. Tavia is not a therapist but finds herself balancing patience, empathy, and boundaries with students and parents.

In addition, she does everything from greeting the police at the door if they come to escort a student to troubleshooting technology issues when students get disconnected from their telehealth appointments.

Because of Tavia, students get access to the care they need compassionately, and she successfully navigates challenging situations making the entire Counseling Center's job easier.

  • Shermin Modarres
    AU Central
  • Edythe-Anne Cook
    Student Health Center

Shermin and Edythe-Anne worked together to manage and transfer the process for students to waive or enroll in the university-mandated student health insurance, transferring it from the Student Health Center to AU Central, to support student Covid vaccination requirements and other related health care responsibilities.

Since AUC took over the process in July 2021, communication with students and service delivery has improved. AUC has responded to 1,400 inquiries in ServiceNow, and health insurance inquiries have become the second top reason for customers contacting AUC.

Alef Worku
Facilities Management

Alef took it upon himself and his team to implement safety precautions for the shuttle operations.

They quickly fabricated plexiglass partitions for each shuttle to keep the drivers and customers as safe as possible within days of the pandemic outbreak.

Upon our return to campus last fall, Alef worked closely with the registrar’s office, and with students, to modify bus routes and schedules to provide appropriate distancing, making everyone's commute safer and easier.

The Customer Support Award award is given to a staff member or group who provides timely and professional service to internal and external customers, such as students, faculty, staff, or other constituents.

Staff Awards Ceremony


The finalists and winners of the 2022 Staff Awards are announced on Thursday, June 9, 2022, at 1:00pm.

2022 Customer Support Award Nominees

  • Kathryn Agoston
  • Michael Allen
  • Kimberly Araya
  • Jessica Bancroft
  • Susana Birdsong
  • Tiffany Brooks
  • Anna Castro
  • Ryan Cohenour
  • Peter Connolly
  • Edythe Cook
  • Erin Eaton
  • Jess Edwards
  • Arij Farran
  • Donna Femenella
  • Susan Garcia
  • Nanci Gius
  • David Gonzalez
  • Nilufar Gylyjova
  • Tiana Hakimzadeh
  • Calvin Haney
  • Tavia Harper*
  • Lucile Horn
  • Jia Jiang
  • Allison Kennedy
  • Jenna Mastrota
  • Mrs Mehdiyoun
  • Shermin Modarres
  • Brian O'Donoghue
  • John O'Malley
  • Abhishek Patel
  • Tyler Poling
  • Martin Sagendorf
  • Eric Schuler
  • Christopher Whetstine
  • Nathan Williamson
  • Alef Worku
  • Barbara Young

*2022 Customer Support Award Winner