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Spring 2012

Stuck on Repeat, Why We Go Back to our Favorite Songs and Shows | Medical Daily
Why do so many people keep going back to reruns? Assistant Professor Cristel Russell says it's all about "re-consumption." View Article (5/29/12)

Donations Aid Mayor on Taxes | Wall Street Journal
Donald Williamson of the Kogod Tax Center commented on NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's recent claim that his personal income tax rate is among the highest in the nation. View Article (5/25/12)

HP Hits Crossroads of Capitalism | Al Jazeera
Executive-in-Residence Bob Sicina summed up the dilemma facing Hewlett Packard; the company recently announced it intends to lay off 8 percent of its workforce by the end of 2014. View Article (5/24/12)

Studio Interview: Experts on JPMorgan Chase lawsuit | CNTV
Associate Professor Leigh Riddick weighs in on the shareholder lawsuit facing JPMorgan Chase. Watch Here

Reconciling Payroll Data Improves Integrity, Compliance | BNA Payroll Administration Guide Newsletter
Emily Lindsay, director of the MS in Accounting program, recently spoke at the American Payroll Association's 2012 Congress, remarking that reconciling payroll data across a variety of sources allows for the resolution of variances. (5/23/12)

A New Obstacle For Professional Women | Forbes
As more males enter traditionally female-dominated fields, their female colleagues must contend with the "glass escalator" that men ride to senior-level management. Associate Professor Caren Goldberg discusses the difficulties associated with this trend. View Article (5/21/2012)

JP Morgan Loss: Did US Regulators Know? | The Christian Science Monitor
Professor Robin Lumsdaine comments on whether federal regulators knew about risky investments that cost the bank more than $2 billion. View Article (5/15/12)

Tax Report: Shielding the Family Business
David Kautter, managing director of the Kogod Tax Center, comments on the latest rulings regarding the case Wandry v. Commissioner, which allows business owners to pass assets along to family or heirs with little taxation. View Article (4/30/12)

EPA Administrator Discusses Sustainability and Economic Recovery | C-SPAN
In a town hall-style event sponsored by Kogod's MS in Sustainability Management degree program, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson discussed the impact of sustainability on the U.S. economy and Obama administration. Watch the Video (4/27/12)

New Mission for the Fed: Financial Stability | American Banker
Chairman Ben Bernanke has recently emphasized the importance of fiscal stability as one of the agency's responsibility. Professor Robin Lumsdaine argues that the focus on financial stability was always present, the global financial crisis has simply heightened it. View Article (4/23/12)

Need help from the IRS? Prepare to Wait | USA Today
In a USA Today Money article, Don Williamson, executive director of the Kogod Tax Center, comments on the IRS' growing responsibilities, apart from collecting tax revenue. View Article (4/20/12)

Keep More of Your Own Money | Men's Health
In a Men's Health article, David Kautter, managing director of the Kogod Tax Center, discusses tax refunds and how important it is to pay taxes on time. View Article (4/17/12)

Catch as Catch Can | National Journal
David Kautter, managing director of Kogod Tax Center, discusses the intricacies associated with tax codes, specifically the byzantine tax code for self-employed individuals and sole proprietorships. Complicated filing is changing the way Americans pay. View Article (4/12/12)

Blazing a New Trail | Express Night Out
Kogod's new MS in Sustainability Management degree program is highlighted as a way to "ditch the desk for a job in the outdoors." View Article (4/9/12)

Microcredit Is Expanding to New Products for the Poor | VOA
Ghiyath Nakshbendi, executive-in-residence, discusses how financial sustainability is becoming a top priority for microfinance organizations. View Article (3/26/12)

CFTC Deputy Economist Moser Joins AU | Bloomberg
The deputy chief economist for the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Jim Moser, will join Kogod as director of the Master of Science in Finance degree program. View Article (3/23/12)

Design Army's Creations for Kogod | Fox
In an interview with Fox 5, co-founders of Design Army Jake and Pum Lefebure showcased their recent work. Known for their sleek and captivating design, the award-winning D.C. firm has crafted creative advertisements for the business school, featured around the city on buses, bus shelters, and in the McPherson Square Metro station. Watch Video (3/21/12)

Meet the Sneakerheads | The Daily Mail
Executive-in-Residence Michael Carberry discusses the phenomenon of "sneakerheads," dedicated Nike shoe collectors, and the role the Internet has played in aiding non-traditional buzz marketing and a continued demand fueled by "artificial scarcity." View Article (3/20/12)

Traps for Small Businesses | WSJ
Don Williamson, professor and executive director of the Kogod Tax Center, comments on two significant changes for taxpayers who report business or partnership income on their individual tax returns. View Article (3/16/12)

Local Firms Joining Flight of Limbaugh Advertisers | WTOP
In a WTOP interview, executive-in-residence Michael Carberry commented on advertisers' pulls from Rush Limbaugh's radio show after he insulted a Georgetown University law student for her opinions on health care coverage for birth control. View Article (3/5/12)

A Conversation with Sanal Mazvancheryl | Society Matters
Professor Sanal Mazvancheryl sat down with Alan Mairson of National Geographic magazine to discuss the role of branding and partnerships from a marketer's perspective. View Video (3/1/12)

Cantor's Small Business Break Adds to Complexity of Tax Code | Bloomberg
David Kautter, managing director of Kogod Tax Center, argues against House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's solution to reducing income-tax rates by eliminating write-offs. View Article (2/28/12)

The Other 90 Percent | National Journal
David Kautter, managing director of Kogod Tax Center, comments on how a division in corporate-tax reform between corporate and individual sides will only lead to two Internal Revenue codes with separate sets of deduction and appreciation rules. View Article (2/23/12)

Deepwater case may hold many twists for BP | Financial Times
Senior Professorial Lecturer Daniel Jacobs was quoted in Financial Times regarding the trial over the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster. View Article - Registration Required (2/21/12)

Seven Tax Reform Proposals Small Businesses Would Support | The Huffington Post
A Kogod Tax Center survey found that seven of 15 potential tax reform proposals appeal to a variety of businesses, regardless of their size. As David Kautter explains, these proposals could "serve as a starting point for Congress as it looks at completely overhauling the nation's tax laws."

The survey was initially released in Bloomberg BNA's Daily Tax Report. View Article (2/14/12)

Under Fire, Venture Capitalists Hit Back | MSN News
Robert Sicina, executive-in-residence in the Department of International Business, defends Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as well as the private equity business. View Article (2/9/12)

For business schools, entrepreneurship is a bridge to other parts of campus | The Washington Post
Stevan Holmberg
, management department chair, discusses American University's addition of a new graduate program in media entrepreneurship and how it will teach business-minded students to think more creatively, yet still maintain its roots in finance, management, and marketing. View Article (2/5/12)

What You Can Learn From Mitt's Tax Return | Wall Street Journal
The Romneys' complex filing revealed that the couple paid almost $3 million in taxes, which was less than 14 percent of their annual income. Both David Kautter and Donald Williamson of the Kogod Tax Center commented. View Article (1/28/12)

Obama 30 Percent Millionaire Tax Poses Risk With Limited Payoff | Bloomberg
David Kautter
, managing director of Kogod Tax Center, explains the difficulty of "closing off the escape routes" to ensure citizens' full tax compliance. View Article (1/26/12)

Senate Democrats Promise to Push Obama Tax Agenda | Fox News
David Kautter, managing director of the Kogod Tax Center, discussed President Obama's tax proposals from the State of the Union Address detailing that both Democrats and Republicans are for the idea of tax reform, however they disagree in whether it "should be done in a way that generates greater overall tax receipts as Democrats demand or whether it should be 'revenue neutral' as most Republicans would like." View Video (1/26/12)

African-American women see their own struggles mirrored in Michelle Obama's | The Washington Post
Assistant Professor, Caren Goldberg, discusses how successes, great or small, contribute to fighting negative stereotypes and how Michelle Obama's role in the public has contributed to changing attitudes. View Article (1/23/12)

Hey, Tax the Other Guy | National Journal
In a National Journal article, David Kautter, managing director of the Kogod Tax Center, was quoted discussing the issues involved with corporate tax reform. He explained that the difference between large multinationals such as Google, Cisco Systems, and Pfizer and small businesses is simply that "they can't afford to hire lobbyists" to argue in their favor. View Article (1/19/12)

Kobalt Music Group Expands into Artist and Label Services
With Kobalt Music Group Ltd.'s creation of two new divisions, instructor John Simson was added as the U.S. Representative for Artist Relations and Business Development. Simson is an adjunct professor teaching in the Business and Music (BAM) undergraduate program. View Article (1/23/12)

Seven Tax To-Dos for January | Business News Daily
Don Williamson, executive director of Kogod Tax Center, recommends adding up your bank deposits for a more efficient visit with a tax professional. View Article (1/17/12)

Republican Miram partnerships with Brazil
Robert Sicina, executive-in-residence in the Department of International Business, comments on how Brazil became a source of friction and dispute for U.S. Republican candidates in recent caucuses. View Article (1/11/12)

Bringing Jobs Home | NBC Nightly News
Erran Carmel
, professor of information technology, was interviewed by NBC Nightly News regarding jobs lost overseas returning to the United States. View Full Clip (12/31/11)

High Food Prices, Revolutions, and the Future | VoA
Ghiyath Nakshbendi, an executive-in-residence in the Department of International Business, discusses how economic woes contributed to the uprisings in the Arab Spring. View Article (12/26/11)

Cash vs. credit mindset | Chicago Tribune
Wendy Boland, assistant professor of marketing, consumer research was discussed in a Chicago Tribune article. View Article (12/15/11)

Five Ways to Spot a Bad Boss in an Interview | Forbes
Caren Goldberg, assistant professor of management, provided tips to Forbes about red flags to look for before you commit to a new position. View Article (12/11/11)

Senate Rejects Two Plans To Extend Payroll Tax Breaks | WUSA9
David Kautter, managing director of the Kogod Tax Center, was interviewed on WUSA9 regarding the two plans for payroll tax cut extension that face the U.S. Senate. View Full Clip (12/1/11)


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