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Kogod Business Research

For over 62 years, our faculty and students have worked side by side in pursuit of success and effective business development.

The Kogod School of Business has highly credentialed faculty with expertise and professional experience in technology, business, globalization, management, accounting, ethics, and more. They are dedicated to innovative research and comprehensive analysis of real world data.

Research Centers & Initiatives

Created with industry partners and guided by Advisory Board members representing leading corporations, business leaders utilize research for the latest ideas on business practice and theory.

Don Myers Technology Center

AU Center for Innovation

Prospective students, educators, and experienced entrepreneurs develop and refine business models to launch new ventures.

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Kogod Tax Policy Research Center

Tax Center

The tax center promotes independent research with respect to tax policy, tax planning and tax compliance.

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KCGC members discussing cyber concepts.

Kogod Cybersecurity Governance Center

Promoting responsible cybersecurity governance by providing organizational leaders with guidance.

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Dc Street

Business in the Capital

The center seeks to make an impact on industry and policy and connect the business school with local businesses.  

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2017 Millennial Index
Preparing for a Connected World study cover

On-campus Labs

Kogod's dedicated research labs give students access to the latest equipment and databases, preparing them for successful careers.

Financial Services & Information Technology Lab


The Financial Services and Information Technology Lab (FSIT Lab) develops educational programs that bridge theory and practice.

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Student Lab

The student lab is located in room T-54 and offers the following:

  • Printers, copiers, and 12 computers
  • FSIT Lab software
  • Bloomberg Terminal Access

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Behavior Research Lab

Behavioral Research Lab

The lab provides researchers the opportunity to develop and conduct research studies in a sophisticated and controlled laboratory environment.

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