American University's Entrepreneurship Incubator

The AU Entrepreneurship Incubator assists graduate students, undergraduate students and recent alumni in building successful profit or nonprofit/social entrepreneurial ventures that are sustainable and can scale over time.

How does it work?

The Incubator provides accepted ventures with:

  • Experienced mentors
  • Networking opportunities
  • Educational opportunities
  • Access to resources
  • Available workspace
  • Guidance during early stages of business development

From the idea stage to investor pitches, the Incubator supports ventures with the tools to successfully launch. For further information, please contact Bill Bellows at or Tommy White at

Student Ventures

  • Active Gnomes Express (AGED)

    Diagnoses and detects cancers and diseases of known variants earlier than ever before. The technique uses peripheral blood cells and analyzes targeted RNA-sequences to establish gene expression profiles
  • Arzo

    Online jewelry collections women in Turkey
  • AudioUnity

    Developing patented piano keyboards that use LED indicators to help anyone compose music
  • Choosy

    Provides a crowdsourcing platform that lets you reach out to others from your mobile phone to help you decide what clothes are best for you
  • Darwin Beats

    Platform for independent artists seeking to be heard
  • Digital FastForward

    A digital skills accelerator that delivers innovation bootcamps and consulting on design thinking, technology innovation and lean startup strategies.
  • Flexadyne

    Improves the repair and recovery of torn ACLs using ready-to-go 3D printed ligament that is custom designed to match the size and strength required for an individual athlete
  • HYPEiT

    Provides a platform to crowdsource an evening out with friends
  • Max Points

    Simplifies credit card points and frequent flyer miles with a free individualized plan so that you earn more points from your everyday spending
  • MicroInvestigate

    Applies cutting-edge microbiology to create a platform of highly accurate, non-invasive detection of infectious diseases
  • MEANS Database

    Helps food donors make excess supply available to food pantries to feed the hungry. Serving 48 states, MEANS has been recognized around the world by South by Southwest, South by South Lawn, Starbucks Upstanders Program, Deloitte, L'Oreal Women of Worth program and Oprah Winfrey
  • Sand Scan

    For coastal communities that frequently need to measure erosion, Sand Scan offers the fastest way to collect precise data at a fraction of the cost of other methods
  • Storganize

    Know what's inside your storage unit and access those items through our delivery service
  • Thrill

    Adrenaline Junkies, Weekend Warriors and those chasing the fearless pursuit of passion through Extreme Sports will want to take Thrill's app for a ride when it is available in Spring 2017
  • Upace

    Provides University fitness centers and workout facilities with scheduling and utilization tracking to provide data to meet the needs of users and facility operators
  • WhoU?

    Provides facial recognition software to identify actors and actresses to be able to download TV shows and movies


Business plan and strategy equation.

Apply to the Incubator

Current AU students and recent alumni may apply by submitting either a proof of concept or application.

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