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EasyPass Reservation


This form allows AU faculty to streamline their circulation transaction at Media Services. Once filled out, faculty can come to Media Services, show their AUID and pick up their videos: no waiting, no forms to fill out.Using this form saves time when you come in by bypassing the regular desk procedure of looking up call numbers, retrieving the videos, checking them out, and filling out receipts.Since the reserved videos are checked out to the faculty member before they arrive, the following conditions apply:

  • All checkouts are for two days
  • Since the item is pre-checked out, the faculty member must come in to pick it up
  • If a proxy will be picking the item up, that section of the form must be filled out
  • On the pick-up day, students will not be able to checkout and view the video before the faculty member arrives

To allow time for processing, please submit this form 24 hours before pick up.We will confirm all requests either via e-mail or telephone.