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Gifts and Donations

American University Music Library always appreciates the consideration of those who would like to contribute gifts and donations to enhance our library collection. It is our commitment to continue building the collection which supports the curriculum of the Department of Performing Arts. Gifts and donations are accepted at the discretion of the music librarian on a selective basis.


We accept unsolicited gifts and donations. The items are evaluated based upon the suitability of the contents and format, physical condition and library/departmental needs. Because of the limitations of available space and staff time required for processing, we are not accepting the following sound recordings:

  • Titles owned in the library collection
  • Reel-to-reel audio recordings
  • Cassette tapes
  • LPs of works available on CD
  • Items in poor condition
  • Unpublished sound recordings
  • Unauthorized copies of published recordings


All donors are encouraged to call the music librarian to describe potential gift items prior to their delivery. For a large gift, the donor will be asked to provide an itemized list of the contents.

If a donation is accepted, the items may be delivered to the main library. All donors should complete the Donor Contact Form for Gifts-in-Kind at the time of delivery. Gifts become the property of the American University Library and the library reserves the right to dispose of any items that will not be added to our collection. Whenever possible, the library distributes unselected items to institutions, agencies and interested groups. The library will formally acknowledge gifts with a letter from the University Librarian.

University policy and IRS regulations prohibit American University Library staff from appraising material donations. For questions on donating appraised items, please contact the library's development officer at (202) 885-3199.