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Workshops & Training

Curently CDI is only accepting workshop requests for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023.

Submit a workshop request 3 weeks in advance.

Workshops are primarily 2.5 hour interactive in-person sessions designed to heighten the campus’ cultural competence, as outlined in AU’s Inclusive Excellence Plan. Further, each workshop aims to develop participants’ critical consciousness through meaningful self-reflection, exploration of how power operates, and actionable anti-oppressive tools. 

If you are looking for conversations over a multiple week time period, please see which sessions we are offering in our Intergroup Dialogue Program.

For faculty training and consultation, please visit The Center for Teaching, Research, & Learning.

Fall 2022

Request a Workshop

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion welcomes opportunities to work with your classes, organizations, and departments. CDI will prioritize workshop requests that:

  • Align with CDI’s mission and AU’s Inclusive Excellence Plan 
  • Reach campus-wide communities with high impact  
  • Serve populations with less involvement in CDI 
  • Supplement the requesting organization’s ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion work 

Workshop Request Requirements

Workshops require a minimum of 10 participants. To submit a workshop request, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Submit a workshop request for one of the following workshops 3 weeks in advance 
    • Mapping Your Identities 
    • Understanding LGBTQIA+ Issues 
    • Our Role in Dismantling White Supremacy: A Workshop for White Students 
    • Facilitator Training 
  • Submit a workshop request for a customized workshop 4 weeks in advance 

For additional questions or concerns, please contact Danielle Koon