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Trainings, Workshops and Panels

Begin or continue your social justice education with the Center for Diversity and Inclusion! We offer virtual educational trainings and workshops that cover topics including intersecting identities, unpacking privilege and creating inclusive communities and conversations. Some of these sessions are led by peer leaders, while others are led by CDI Staff and other staff/faculty from across the university.

If you are looking for conversations over a multiple week time period, please see which sessions we are offering in our Intergroup Dialogue Program.

CDI Training

Join us in fulfillling our mission to advocate and create an inclusive AU through our educational workshops! In order to ensure that we can serve your needs, please submit your request three weeks in advance for our standard offerings and four weeks in advance for a customized training. 

*You need a minimum of 10 people for a customized workshop* 

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Fall 2020

Anti-Racism Workshop for White Student Leaders

An introductory workshop for white student leaders to reflect on their campus leadership, understanding of white supremacy culture, and create plans to forward racial justice work in their community.


Let's Talk About Race

An interactive session to explore today's racial climate, messages you've been taught about race, and how to move forward.


Facilitator Training

An intermediate workshop for student leaders and staff to strengthen their facilitation skills and gain tools for navigating difficult conversations.