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We are thrilled to welcome you to American University! My team and I spent most of the last year preparing for your orientation experience and we get more excited as each day gets closer. We want to help new students and families feel welcome and confident in your decision to join the AU Community.  

I still recall my own new student orientation experience and how welcomed I felt by the orientation team and the chance to learn even more about the university that would soon be my home. Orientation gave me the confidence to succeed and have a transformative time in college, and that is the wish we have for each of you. Speaking as an orientation expert and former long-distance runner, I want to acknowledge that Orientation is a marathon, not a sprint! 

Orientation is designed to help you navigate campus resources, build budding friendships, and feel like you belong. Over the course of orientation through small group meetings, interactive webinars, and our online orientation modules you will learn about the ins and outs of AU. You will understand how our academic community functions, appreciate the things that we value as an AU community, and get introduced to the multitude of services and resources here to help you succeed.   

We hope you develop a connection with your Orientation Leader, your advisor, and a staff member. We know some of the most important people for you to connect with are other new students which is why the signature aspect of our orientation is our Orientation Leader led small group meetings the summer. Our goal is that following orientation you will start your countdown to the start of your time at AU!  

In addition to our Orientation Leader team, the professional orientation staff and Orientation Chairs are always available to answer any questions you might have. We look forward to having you join the Eagle family! 

Jenn Johnson, Orientation Director and the Orientation, Transition & Retention Team 

Online Orientation Modules 

We encourage you to complete online orientation modules early to help ensure you have a smooth transition to AU and you are prepared for life as an Eagle. Sections include: Academics, Support Services, Life at AU, Financing Your Education, and Policies & Safety. The orientation should take you 45 minutes to complete and can be done over smaller segments. These modules available for you to refer back to at any time.  

Spring 2021 Students – View online orientation modules.

Fall 2021 Students – We are excited to have you joining us in this Fall. Your link will be available in March. 

New AU family members or prospective students and families must create a “Guest” account to view the online orientation. 

About Online Orientation Modules

  • Your online orientation is made of modules accessible through the main menu items and the menu icon on your home screen. 

  • Each module is made up of a series of slides. To complete each module, click through the slides using the next and previous buttons.  

  • Some slides include an 'i' button and a statement that begins with "I would like to learn more about..." If you want to save this information to review later, click the 'i' button. You'll find a link to more information about the topic on your "Items of Interest" page when you complete your orientation.  

  • A module is complete when you view the last slide. 

  • You must complete each module in order. 

  • When you complete this orientation, all of the modules will be unblocked and available for you to use as a reference.  

Note: All videos are available with closed captioning, just make sure to turn it on. You can do this by clicking on the CC icon on the video player and choosing "English CC." Once you turn it on for one video, it will stay on for all of the videos.  

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