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AU Club Council LogoStudent clubs are recognized through the Center for Student Involvement and supported and funded through the undergraduate Club Council. Clubs at American University are student-led groups that provide programming for the  benefit of currently enrolled students.  Formally recognized organizations are  eligible to receive student activity fee  funds allocated through the Club Council.

AU Club Council or AUCC mission is made up of a lead team, club consultants, and an outreach coordinator. Learn more about American University Club Council

Meet the AUCC Team 2022-2023

Chair: Hannah Leeb 
Finance Director: Emma Southern 
Club Consultants: Clara Flanders, Precious Aimufua-Agbonta, Christiana Jemiri, and Lynlee Derrick 
Outreach Coordinator: Fatima Garcia Gonzalez



Annual Renewal Notice 2022 LogoWhat is Annual Renewal?

Annual renewal is the process CSI uses for previously recognized student organization to continue recognition for the new year. CSI's renewal process for all recognized clubs and organizations. When you renew your club, your club remains active for another year. If you do not renew, your club will be frozen for the 2022-2023 school year your organization will have to wait to register as a new organization for spring 2023.

Annual Renewal is in 3 phases: Re-Register, Orientation, & Involvement Fair

When is Annual Renewal?

Phase 1 of annual renewal (Re-Registration) will be June 15-July15. Phase 2 and 3 will start in late July and early August. Stay tune! 

Do I have to complete all 3 phases to complete renewal?

Phase 1 and 2 are mandatory for all clubs and organizations. Phase 3 is the opportunity to engage with interested students, recruit new members, and prepare for the year.

Where can I find more information about Annual Renewal?

You can find more information here CSI website and Engage. More information will be release with every new phase. All the steps are the same for undergraduate, Fraternity & Sorority Life, and graduate student clubs. 

Phase 1: Re-Registration

Only the person who will be considered the primary contact should submit. This person can be your president or another officer. 

The form must be completed for annual renewal recognition with the Center for Student Involvement by Friday, July 15th.

Any student organization that does not complete Re-Registration is no longer active as of Friday, July 15th.

To complete Re-Registration follow the steps below:

1) Review the following web tutorials:   

  • Introduction to ENGAGE
  • Building and Managing Your Organization's Roster

2) Confirm or update the following information:

  • Club constitution
  • Club logo/image
  • Club email
  • Student Primary Contact

3) Manage your club roster:

  • Remove any graduated students and/or non-members from your roster
  • Add your executive board members
    • These are the required positions: President, Treasurer, & EMS Requestor
  • Add and/or confirm Club Faculty/Staff Advisor
  • Make sure to input students using the ending for the email address. Don’t not use their
  • All student clubs must have a minimum of 8 student members in your roster (excluding the Club Faculty/Staff Advisor)

More details about Phase 2 and 3 will be communicated in late July!

If you have further questions, email or (Lettered Greek Organizations only). 

The New Club Registration will open again Fall 2022. More information and requirements on how to start a club will be shared soon. 

The new club registration process is developed to ensure accountability and transparency in all Center for Student Involvement recognized clubs, and to provide the university community an accurate listing of active student organizations for the academic year. Recognition does not mean the university supports or adheres to the views held or the positions taken by recognized student organizations.

The organization and its officers are responsible for all programs, actions, or commitments made on behalf of their organization, including their debts. AU is not liable for debts incurred by the student organization. Responsibility for any action which violates federal, state, local laws and ordinances or university policies is assumed by the individual group’s officers and members.

Clubs approved through the registration process are granted recognition status for the following semester. Ex. Clubs approved in Spring 2022, will be granted recognized club status for Fall 2022.

Requirements are reviewed annually by the Center for Student Involvement are subject to change. Some requirements included but are not limited to: 

  • Must have a Club Constutition 
  • Have at least 8 members
  • Must have a President and a Treasurer 
  • All clubs must have a club advisor who is a full-time staff member or a faculty member


DaVanta Parker

DaVanta Parker is an assistant director for Student Involvement. He works closely with the undergraduate clubs, advises the club council and other student cohorts.  

Office: MGC 271