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Use the tools and resources on this page to assist your club with club operations, organization, transition, and so much more. On this page you will find the most up-to-date documents and resources you need for your student club.  

Programming Training for Fall 2021

Want to know more about events this fall? Check out the Programming Training

Forms and Documents

Here you will find the dates for upcoming trainings and workshops for student clubs and leaders. 

Phase 2 (Rebuild) of the Annual Renewal Process Underway. A series of 3 trainings designed to prepare your club or organization for a successful Fall semester. All trainings are virtual.

At least 2 members are required to attend each training. Live attendance is preferred! If you cannot attend, you can watch the webinar and complete the required quiz for credit. 

ALL Clubs and Organizations*

Programming and Event Training. Auguest 10 at 12:00 PM and August 12 at 5:30 PM Visit Engage for more information

E-Board Essentials Training. August 17 at 12:00 PM and August 19 at 5:30 PM. Visit Engage for more Information

CSI Finance Training. Please check Engage for your individual Cohort's training date for Finance

The Latest Videos

Zoom Meetings

  • The university has purchased a zoom license that is now available to you as leaders of student organizations. Use your AU credentials to login here: 

  • A few things to keep in mind to ensure you and your members have a safe, positive experience:

    • You can host up to 300 participants in your meeting or event
    • If you schedule an event and are hoping for selective participation, configure some of the privacy settings in Zoom, such as:
      • Requiring registration
      • Enable Waiting Room
    • Both phone or computer audio are an option, however you can force one or the other when setting up your meeting
    • If you are hosting an event, you may want to enable the option to mute participants on entry when setting up your meeting
  • Zoom Tutorials: Zoom Video Tutorials

  • General and E-Board Meetings TIPS:
    • Keep meetigs short. Zoom fatigue is real. It is important to not meet to meet. We all have online classes, study groups, and Zoom parties to get use to. Make your meetings short, simple and fun. 
      • Tips on a well-run meetings:
        1. Plan out the meeting before time. Know what you are going to say and do before you enter the meetings. 
        2. Send out a brief agenda so everyone can come prepared to contribute. 
        3. Create a document or PowerPoint and share your screen. Research shows people lose interest faster when they are just staring at faces in boxes. Try presenting the meeting rather than just speaking to your members. Add your club logo to make it official! 
        4. Add more voices. Change it up. Make sure other E-Board and members are able to speak. 
        5. Don't meet to meet. Create a group chat on any platform to communicate meetings have been cancelled. And don't underestimate "paper" or email meetings, they can be just as affect if there isn't much to share. 
      • No matter what you do. Communicate, communicate, COMMUNICATE!
  • Follow this link for Engage Tutorial videos
  • Events
    • Create event pages for your online/virtual events you're having
  • Elections
    • If your organization(s) are doing end of the year elections, you can use Campuslabs/Engage! 

    • Follow the instructions here: Engage Elections
    • For questions about how to create your own, contact us at

CSI Student Clubs team created a list of activities you can do over Zoom with your club members. Please note: We recommend using AU Zoom because it is the most sercured. 

Here are some activites we recommend:

Corq App Download CSI Tip

Corq is a free app that syncs with the Engage platform. It allows you to browse student organizations and discover and share events. Corq is available for download via the App Store and Google Play.