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Master of Business Administration (MBA) Online

Program Length: 18-24 Months
Credit Hours: 48
Total Classes: 15
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At a Glance

Our online MBA program is designed for professionals who want to learn strategic management and communication skills that will help them advance into leadership roles. As an online MBA student, you will gain foundational business insights, engage in immersive experiences, and can choose an industry-specific focus area to customize your education to your interests.

Immersive learning experiences.
Personalized career guidance.
Global business connections.

Program Objectives

Preparing students to develop a competitive advantage in business by learning new perspectives and enhancing strategic thinking skills.

  1. Develop Strategic Decision-Making Skills

    Understand critical interrelationships and linkages necessary for developing global business strategy, including strategic and operational issues and relationships among functional disciplines.

  2. Study Functional Areas of Business

    Learn accounting and financial analysis, production and marketing of goods and services, management of people and organizations, and information and technology management.

  3. Apply Classroom Learnings

    Utilize quantitative information, tools, methods, and professional judgment to solve current and future business problems.

  4. Develop Business Communication Skills

    Learn how to demonstrate professional competence in oral and written communication within a business setting.

  5. Grow as a Leader

    Identify different leadership styles and demonstrate the ability to work effectively in diverse teams.

  6. Gain a Global Perspective

    Understand the global environment in which business operates, including economic, legal, ethical, and societal dimensions.

A Top-Ranked Online MS

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Admission Requirement
Curriculum Description
Careers and Outcomes
Student Experience

American University’s Kogod School of Business seeks candidates who want to advance as business leaders in their organizations.

Online MBA candidates must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university to apply. GMAT and GRE scores are not required. The program has four start dates throughout the year: January, April, July, and October. Applications are accepted and admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis.

To complete your application, you must submit the following:

  • Completed Online Application
  • Personal statement
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • GRE/GMAT scores (optional)
  • Application Fee
  • Résumé
  • Official transcripts
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language
    *for international applicants

Review MBA@American application requirements.

Our online MBA program curriculum features 13 core courses, two in-person immersions—during which students learn from leading experts in Washington, DC, and other global business capitals—and the opportunity to select a predesigned focus area or a range of electives to personalize your education and meet your career goals.

Most students complete the 48-credit program on a 24-month course sequence, but the program can also be completed on a 12-month, 15-month, or 18-month track.

Details can be found on our Program Curriculum page.

Enhancing Your Career Path

Due to the wide range of topics covered in the online MBA program and our specialized focus areas and elective options, you will be prepared to apply your learnings in many different roles and settings.

Below, explore career opportunities you may pursue with an MBA from American University.

Financial Manager
Financial managers are responsible for planning for the long-term financial health of public or private organizations. On a daily basis, they produce financial reports, direct investments, and develop financial management strategies. The job outlook for financial managers is projected to grow 15 percent from 2019 to 2029.8
The median annual salary for financial managers in 2020 was $134,180.9

Human Resources Manager
HR managers plan, direct, and coordinate all of the administrative roles of an organization. This includes recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new staff as well as working with top-level executives on long-term hiring plans. The job outlook for HR managers is projected to grow 6 percent from 2019 to 2029.10
The median annual salary for HR managers in 2020 was $121,220.11

Management Analyst
Management analysts advise companies on how to increase efficiency, reduce costs of operations, and increase their profits. They typically work for large consulting organizations or can also be employed in-house. The job outlook for management analysts is projected to grow 11 percent from 2019 to 2029.12
The median annual salary for management analysts in 2020 was $87,660.13

Marketing Manager
Marketing managers lead strategies that increase interest in their organization’s products or services. This involves estimating demand, analyzing the existing market, and discovering new markets to generate sales. The job outlook for marketing managers is projected to grow 7 percent from 2019 to 2029.14
The median annual salary for marketing managers in 2020 was $142,170.15

As an online MBA student, you will learn from the same experienced Kogod faculty who teach on campus. Made up of entrepreneurs, CEOs, educators, executives, and board members of Fortune 500 companies, our faculty and staff are dedicated to lending support and remaining accessible to their students.

Visit our Program Faculty page to learn more about our faculty.

Student Experience

The Kogod School of Business has always been committed to a collaborative, immersive, and personalized learning experience. This is no different with our online programs.

Created in 2015 specifically for the online space, our programs increase access to a Kogod education for working professionals located anywhere in the world and enable you to join a global community of diverse peers.

We Bring AU to You

Our digital campus was intentionally designed based on extensive research on what makes online learning successful. We combine advanced technology, hands-on experiences, and full access to the American University and Kogod communities. Here, you’re not an online student- you’re an AU student.

Learn more about the online student experience at AU.

As a student, you will

Attend Immersive Online Classes
You will engage in live seminar-style discussions, where you can enter breakout rooms for smaller discussions with classmates or one-on-one sessions with your professor.

Complete Interactive Coursework
You will work at your own pace to complete weekly assignments that supplement what you learn in your classes.

Gain Hands-On Knowledge
Through in-person experiences, you will apply your learnings to solve conflicts faced by real businesses.

Receive Dedicated Support
Our support staff, engaged faculty, and career services are available when you need help updating your résumé, networking, and more.

Network On LinkedIn Premium Career Access
You will apply the skills you develop in Kogod’s online master’s programs to connect with job posters, view salary insights, and more.

Business In The Capital

One of the greatest components of the online MBA program is the exposure to domestic and global businesses and cultures you gain through Business in Capitals Immersions. These three- to four-day in-person experiences are offered once per term and occur on the American University campus in Washington, DC, and in other international and domestic business hubs.

Immersions complement online learning by furthering your connections with peers and faculty and applying your business knowledge in real-world settings.

Connections in Washington, DC

At least one immersion a year will take place in Washington, DC, on American University’s campus. This allows you to explore the unique culture of business in the nation’s capital while immersing yourself in American University’s home city.

You will have opportunities to visit local companies and network in this international business hub and learn how Washington, DC, organizations are making a global impact through service, business excellence, and community engagement.

Domestic and International Exposure

Our international immersions enable you to experience different business capitals across the globe. You will immerse yourself in the local culture and gain an understanding of how the city’s industry fits into the global business ecosystem.

You can elect to complete an extension after the international immersion for an additional 3 credits. Extensions count as an elective and are a continuation of what you learn in the prior immersion.

Networking Opportunities

Immersions are designed to strengthen your connections with your peers during the program and with business professionals who can help you continue to advance your career long after graduation. During the immersions, you will:

* Come face to face with executives at top companies in Washington, DC, and other global business capitals.
* Interact with your classmates who come from different industries and have unique perspectives.
* Develop lasting relationships with faculty who have extensive connections in the field and the experience to advise and support you throughout your career.

Class Profile

Our online MBA students bring a wide range of perspectives and experiences to the classroom.16 The Kogod School of Business is proud to encourage these viewpoints in an inclusive learning environment.

52 percent Male

48 percent Female

59 percent Minority Students

10 percent Military Members

Where Can AU Connections Get You?

Your classmates and online MBA alumni are located across the world with connections to top US and international corporations. This network is in addition to the larger AU and Kogod alumni bases that you will join when you graduate. No matter where you live and what industry you work in, our alumni are available to help you reach your career goals.


Kogod Alumni


AU Alumni

Data represents all students currently enrolled in the program as of April 26, 2021.

This information includes: Hispanic/Latino, Black or African American, non-Hispanic/Latino, and American Indian or Alaska Native students, as well as two or more races, when one or more are from the preceding racial and ethnic categories. 

The map displays states of residence for all students enrolled in the MBA program since the inception of the online program, including: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington, DC, and West Virginia.


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Military Education Benefits

American University is dedicated to supporting military service members, veterans, and their families.

As an online student of the MBA program, you can transform your military experience and leadership skills into new career possibilities as you earn your degree, regardless of where you live or are stationed.

We support a full range of military education benefits such as:

  • Post-9/11 GI Bill
  • Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB)
  • Tuition Assistance (TA)
  • Yellow Ribbon Program

Additionally, if you’ve served in any branch of the U.S. military on active duty within the past three years, you’re eligible for an application fee waiver. We accept transfer credits from military coursework, have a dedicated Office of Veterans Services to help connect you to benefits, and maintain an active Veterans Services Support Network.

We welcome you to learn more about our military benefits and how to apply for them.

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