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The laws and regulations of the District of Columbia permit the Chief of the Metropolitan Police to appoint university special police officers to protect insititutions of higher education within the District of Columbia. The relevant laws, regulations, and policies are excerpted below.

District of Columbia Law 11-63 became effective on October 18, 1995 after being enacted by the Council of the District of Columbia and the 30-day Congressional Review Period had expired.

The act established chapter 12 of section 6a of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, which separated special police officers (SPOs) employed by universities and colleges from other SPOs and serves as the overarching statute that provides police authority to police and public safety departments operated by institutions of higher education in the District of Columbia.

Click here to view College and University Campus Security Amendment Act of 1995 as enacted.

District of Columbia Muncipal Regulation 6A Chapters 11 and 12 contain the provisions for the appointment and management of University Special Police Officers.

Click here to view DCMR 6A Chapters 11 and 12 as currently enacted.

Metropolitan Police Department General Order HSC-804-01 went into effect on February 3, 2011. This General Order governs the interactions between members of the Metropolitan Police Department and University Police and Public Safety Departments.

Click Here to view a copy of MPD General Order HSC-804-01 Responding to Campus Incidents.