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The President in the Media

This page contains video, audio, speech texts, and photos from important events in which President Burwell has participated. Below are recent items. For an archive of the president's media since 2017, visit this page.

January 11, 2024

Interview: Sylvia M. Burwell on dotEDU podcast

August 30, 2023

Interview: Sylvia M. Burwell on CNBC Squawkbox  

August 8, 2023

Feature: American University President to Step Down after the Coming Year

July 17, 2023
Op-ed: A Public Health Approach to the Campus Mental Health Crisis
June 30, 2023
News Brief: College Presidents Are All Over the Map About the End of Race in Admissions
May 20, 2023
Feature: Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson tells law students 'Survivor' offers helpful lessons
April 14, 2023
Feature: Former MD. Gov. Hogan, Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson among others to speak at American U.'s commencement ceremonies
April 14, 2023
Feature: Ted Leonsis to Address American University's Spring Commencement
April 4, 2023
Other: Incidents on AU campus prompt look into policy
April 3, 2023
Feature: They Have Finished Moving 225 Tons of Reimagined Art
March 30, 2023
Other: American University Mourns the Passing of Legendary Volleyball Coach Barry Goldberg
December 9, 2022
Op-ed: A Sectorwide Approach to Higher Ed's Future
November 21, 2022
Feature: NARA's Chief Innovator Won Big Last Week
October 22, 2022
Feature: A fratnerity bond of 50-plus years: 'I never envisioned that this would go beyond graduation'
August 26, 2022
Feature: Gifts Totaling More Than $50 Million Received By Salem State, Villanova, Cedarville, University of Utah, And American University
April 7, 2022
News Brief: Remarks from Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen on Digital Assets
March 24, 2022
Other: Hinton Area Foundation brought many speakers to Summers County
March 15, 2022
Feature: American, Gerogetown universities drop mask requirements
March 15, 2022
Other: Some Local Universities Are Dropping Indoor Mask Mandates
March 7, 2022
Interview: Pollster: Colleges Must Show Clear Return on Investment
January 28, 2022
Interview: Sylvia M. Burwell and Robert J. Jones on how omicron has impacted colleges
January 27, 2022
Interview: Coronavirus: Impact on Colleges with Sylvia M. Burwell & Robert J. Jones, PhD

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