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Foundational Area One

Foundational Area One

The arts provide us with a rich record of human cultures and values throughout time. They enable us to understand and enjoy the experiences of our senses and to sharpen our aesthetic sense-that human quality through which we comprehend beauty. To appreciate the relationship between form and meaning is to realize that the creative arts, regardless of their medium of expression, share important principles.

Courses in this Foundational Area have varied emphases: the process of creativity, the analysis of the artistic imagination, or the relationship between artists, their works, and the societies in which their works are produced. You may choose a hands-on experience and paint, draw, design, or write. Alternatively, you may study both classic and recent works of literature, art, music, dance, or theatre. All courses in this area challenge you to understand creativity and the distinctive intellectual process of the human imagination.

Area Goals

Area Goals
  1. examine the nature of creativity, especially imaginative and intuitive thinking
  2. situate creative works, and judgments about those creative works, in their appropriate social and historical context
  3. develop your own creative and expressive abilities, so that you can better understand the qualities that shape an artist's work

Course Offerings

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ANTH-225 Language and Human Experience

Studio Art
ARTS-100 Art: The Studio Experience
ARTS-205 The Artist's Perspective: Drawing
ARTS-210 The Artist's Perspective: Painting
ARTS-215 The Artist's Perspective: Sculpture
ARTS-235 The Artist's Perspective: Video Art
ARTS-240 The Artist's Perspective: Printmaking
ARTS-245 The Artist's Perspective: Digital Photography

Art History
ARTH-105 Art: The Historical Experience
ARTH-210 Modern Art: 19th & 20th Centuries
ARTH-225 Buddhist Arts of Asia
ARTH-255 Art History of the World Regions

COMM-105 Visual Literacy

Graphic Design
GDES-200 Visual Communication Design
GDES-230 Graphic Design History: Visual Culture, Commerce and Propaganda

LIT-107 Creative Writing Across Genres
LIT-121 Rethinking Literature
LIT-146 Critical Approach to the Cinema
LIT-201 The Art of Changing Minds
LIT-215 Writers in Print/in Person
LIT-225 African Literature
LIT-232 Shakespeare
LIT-245 The Experience of Poetry
LIT-246 Cinema and the Twentieth Century

Performing Arts
PERF-110 Understanding Music
PERF-115 Theatre: Principles, Plays and Performances
PERF-118 World Music
PERF-200 Dance as an Art Form
PERF-205 Masterpieces of Music
PERF-210 Greatness in Music
PERF-215 Opera on Stage and Film
PERF-220 Reflections of American Society on Stage
PERF-225 The African American Experience in the Performing Arts

RELG-225 Meaning and Purpose in the Arts