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Doctoral Students Research Award 2016 Recipients

The following list of Doctoral students have been chosen from a select group of talented students who competed for the Academic Year 2015-2016 award.

College of Arts and Sciences

Andrew Chatfield
Proposal Entitled: "The True Wilsonians: Americans Who Supported India's Self-Determination from 1915-1920"

Laura S. Jung
Proposal Entitled: "In Search of Health: The Role Short-Term Medical Missions Play in Health-Seeking Strategies in Honduras"

Anna F. Kaplan
Proposal Entitled: "Memories and Postmemories of the Integration of the University of Mississippi"

Amy Marie Langford
Proposal Entitled: "Making a Body Politic: The Latter-Day Saints in the American Sexual Borderlands"

Mohammed Ali Loutfy
Proposal Entitled: "Different Bodies, Different Lives: The Experience of Disability in Lebanon"

Lindsay MacNeill
Proposal Entitled: "Policing Politics: Communism, Subversion, and the Police Response in Austria, 1918-1955"

Alison Presley
Proposal Entitled: "Sex Differences in Cannabinoid Intravenous Self-Administration Using a Combined Phytocannabinoid Preparation"

Joeva Rock
Proposal Entitled: "'Our Stomachs are Being Colonized!': Constructions and Practices of Food Sovereignty in Ghana"

Walter Scott
Proposal Entitled: "Streetcar Suburbs, Mortgage Finance, and the 1890s Housing Cycle"

Justin Uehlein
Proposal Entitled: "The Transient Worker Landscape and Ecology Study"

Sharone Weltfreid
Proposal Entitled: "The Role of Mindfulness and Relationship Goals on Responses to Capitalization Attempts in Romantic Relationships"

Dongping Xie
Proposal Entitled: "Monetary Policy Transmission, Banking Crisis and Firm Bankruptcy"

School of International Service

Brandon Brockmyer
Proposal Entitled: "Global Governance Standards in National Context"

Goueun Lee
Proposal Entitled: "Governing Air Pollution: Constructing a Regional Response in Northeast Asia?"

Timothy Seidel
Proposal Entitled: "'Where Is the Palestinian Gandhi?': Power and Resistance in Late Modernity"

School of Communication

Andrea Hackl
Proposal Entitled: "Mechanisms of Control: The Mediation of LGBT Expression in the Digital Public Sphere"

Faith Jegede
Proposal Entitled: "Sacrificing Self for Social Change: The Identity, Reputation and Privacy Implications of Online Communication by Social Entrepreneurs"

Sindhu Manjesh
Proposal Entitled: "Times of News in India: The Role of CNN-IBN's Citizen Journalist Show in the Country's Evolving Media Ecosystem"

Todd Paul Newman
Proposal Entitled: "Cultural Discourses, Mass Media, and Public Opinion on Climate Change"

Isabelle Zaugg
Proposal Entitled: "Ethiopic: Coding for Linguistic Survival in the Face of Digital Extinction"

School of Public Affairs

Erin M. Kearns
Proposal Entitled: "Political Crimes and Responses to Them: Essays on Terrorism"

Nadeen Makhlouf
Proposal Entitled: "Food Security Governance, Policies, and Stakeholders"

Ghazal Poshtkouhian Nadi
Proposal Entitled: "Transparent They Endure: Causes of Fiscal Transparency in Hybrid Regimes"


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