High Impact Research

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  • Guidance for Using Social Media to Increase Research Impact
  • Academic Research on High Impact Research Dissemination

Research Dissemination Planning Tools

Dissemination Toolkit
This general research dissemination workbook will provide a template for researchers to produce a plan to distribute findings to the general public using a variety of strategies. Applicable to many disciplines.

Writing Effective Evaluation and Dissemination Plans
This document presents several guiding questions that can assist a researcher in developing a cohesive and complete research dissemination plan.

Maximizing Research Impact: Social Sciences Handbook
This handbook, prepared by the London School of Economics, aims to show social scientists how to use various tools and techniques to disseminate research outside of traditional publishing channels.

CALSWEC Dissemination Planning Tool
This set of worksheets and additional guiding questions will provide researchers with assistance in developing a dissemination plan.

Dissemination Planning Tool
This tool was developed to help researchers evaluate their research and develop appropriate dissemination plans.

Impact Toolkit
The Impact Toolkit is designed to strengthen the capacity of arts organizations to collect and apply impact data.

Strategies for Enhancing the Impact of Research
An introduction to preparing scholarship for publication, dissemination strategies, and keeping track of research.

AU Faculty Library Resources
The American University library has access to several research tools and websites that can assist faculty in presenting, disseminating, and publicizing research. Library resources include research data management support, ORCID, Geospatial Research Lab, and scholarly metrics assistance.

Guidance for Using Social Media to Increase Research Impact

Maximizing Research Impact Through Twitter
This is a specific list of "to-dos" that will help researchers get started on Twitter.

Promoting Research Through Blogging
Blogs are becoming a proven way to distribute research findings, while influencing the public and policymakers. This web page gives tips and advice on starting an academic blog.

Dissemination Through the Media
This site provides considerations to be taken into account before disseminating research and scholarship through the media.

The Impact of Social Media on the Dissemination of Research: Results of an Experiment
This article, written by Melissa Terras, investigated how Twitter worked on an open-access paper and whether blogging or tweeting about research was useful.

How to Use Blogging and Microblogging to Disseminate your Research
This article is an introduction to disseminating research through blogging and microblogging, i.e., tweeting.

Finding Your Blog
This article discusses strategies to increase blog traffic.

Scholarly Publishing: Research Impact and Altmetrics
This is a summary of traditional approaches and altmetrics for measuring research impact.

Research Impact: Altmetrics Make Their Mark
This articles discusses how altmetrics improve impact of papers that do not have many citations and what you need to pay attention to when interpreting altmetrics data.

Altmetrics: A 21st-Century Solution to Determining Research Quality
This review discusses advantages and disadvantages of both new and traditional research metrics and how you can use them to filter out the noise to better find what you seek.

Altmetrics and Other Novel Measures for Scientific Impact
Altmetrics use indicators gathered in the real-time Social Web to provide immediate feedback about scholarly works. This article includes the most important altmetrics and provides a critical assessment of their value and limitations.

Measuring Your Research Impact: Citation and Altmetrics Tools
These slides provide a brief introduction to tools that can help you measure the impact of your research by learning how your work is being received, used, and disseminated across scholarly platforms and social media networks.

Academic Research on High Impact Research Dissemination

Economics Blogs Clearly Impact Positively on Paper Downloads, Professional Reputation and Stand to Exert an Influence on Policy
Researchers pulled together an experiment to determine whether research shared in economics blogs had an effect on economic policy. They provide some quantitative evidence that blogs can positively impact researcher/university reputation, build influence within academic circles, and shape thinking on economic policy.

Social Media Release Increases Dissemination of Original Articles in the Clinical Pain Sciences
This research article aims to quantify the impact of social media releases on views and downloads of articles in the clinical pain sciences.

Do Altmetrics Work? Twitter and Ten Other Social Web Services
This research article presents systematic scientific evidence that altmetrics are valid proxies of impact. This study compares 11 altmetrics with Web of Science citations.