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International Students & Visitors - Export Controls

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International Students

When considering international students for research assistant positions, it is important to consider whether or not the research has restrictions imposed by export control laws. While most research will not require approval from the export control regimes, it is still the responsibility of the PI to ensure compliance and verify whether or not an export license is needed and conduct due diligence for potential OFAC violations.

International Visitors

While American University prides itself on hosting a large variety of international visitors and generally such visits do not concern export controls, it is still important to know when such controls may be triggered. When hosting international visitors on campus it is important to ensure that any ITAR controlled equipment is not accessible to them. Further it is your responsibility to ensure that you are not supplying a good or service to any sanctioned person or entity when hosting such visitors.

Collaborating & Working With International Researchers

When collaborating with a foreign person or entity, whether in or outside of the U.S., export control regulations still apply. This includes sending controlled information abroad or having ITAR controlled equipment in a lab with foreign post


For questions about hiring international postdocs, faculty, staff, and student, contact: Office of Risk Management

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