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Office of the University Registrar

How the Waitlist Works

Students may add themselves to a waitlist by selecting "waitlist" in the Plan and Schedule tab of Student Planning in Eagle Service. Students may also drop themselves from a waitlisted section in the same tab of Student Planning.

Active students on a waitlist are granted permission to register as space become available on a first-on/first-off basis. Before 8 AM, eligible students receive an email in their AU email account from the University Registrar that alerts them to an available space in the waitlisted section. Students will have until 5:59 AM the following day to enroll in that section of the course. If a student does not register within this allotted time frame, their waitlist status expires and the space becomes available for the next eligible student.

To view their position on a waitlist, students may log into their account and select "My Waitlisted Sections" under their "Academics" expanded menu.

Student eligibility and registration rules, including prerequisites, are always enforced.

For more information, please email