AUx2 Course Overview

AUx2 is unique to American University, and has been created specifically as a call to action by AU students, staff, and faculty who want to ensure that diversity, inclusion, free speech, and freedom of expression are part of the core curriculum at American University. AUx2 aims to equip students to become part of a community of learners whose members come from a variety of backgrounds and bring with them a range of experiences. AUx2 course learning outcomes are achieved through online learning, in-class activities, writing assignments, and individual and small group discussions with course Instructors, Peer Facilitators, and classmates.

Theme 1 - Laying the Foundation: Key Skills and Concepts

  • Class 1: What to Expect When You're AUx-ing
  • Class 2: Messing It Up, Together
  • Class 3: How (Not) to Communicate Effectively
  • Class 4: The Bias We Breathe

Theme 2 - Sharpening Our Lenses: Looking Back to the Future

  • Class 5: Whose Privilege Is It, Anyway?
  • Class 6: What Intersectionality Is (and Isn't)
  • Class 7: Where Race Comes From
  • Class 8: How Race Shapes Our World

Theme 3 - Structuring Power: Institutions and Implications

  • Class 9: What's Education Got to Do With It?
  • Class 10: What's Wrong with the Internet (and Technology) Today?
  • Class 11: Art and History: Beyond What the Eye Can See
  • Class 12: Who Gets to Be a Hero?

Theme 4 - Seeing It in Action: Cases and Connections

  • Class 13: Why Bathrooms Matter
  • Class 14: Course Conclusion & Group Presentations

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify historical and current structures of power, privilege, and inequality.
  • Describe how historical and current structures of power, privilege, and inequality shape individual and societal values, assumptions, and behaviors.
  • Describe how historical and current structures of power, privilege, and inequality influence the creation, access and use of information and knowledge.
  • Practice engaging in discourse with intellectual rigor, ethics, integrity and recognition of impact on individuals, communities and structures.
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