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Q: I am transferring two courses equivalent to AU's WRTG-100 and WRTG-101. Have I fulfilled AU's College Writing Requirement?

A: Almost. You will still need to take a writing proficiency exam once you get to campus (must be taken within the first 30 credits of "residency" at AU). If you transfer only one course equivalent to WRTG-100 or WRTG-101 you will need to complete the remaining course once you get to AU (and do not need to take the proficiency exam).

Q: I took a math course at my previous institution that fulfilled their math requirement - will it also satisfy AU's math requirement?

A: It depends. If the transfer course is equivalent to AU's MATH-221 (Calculus I) or higher, and you earned a B or higher, it will satisfy AU's math requirement.

Q: The course I am transferring is not equivalent to MATH-221 but I am confident I have taken enough math to fulfill the requirement. Is there anything else I can do to meet AU's math requirement without having to take another math course?

A: Yes. Incoming students who have taken mathematics or statistics prior to transferring to AU may take the Mathematics Equivalency Exam to determine their proficiency. The exam is given in three subjects: Finite Mathematics, Applied Calculus, and Basic Statistics. This exam is given on the second Wednesday of fall and spring semesters and may only be taken one time. If a student passes the exam it will fulfill the math requirement.

Q: I am transferring a course equivalent to MATH-221 and I do not need to take any more math courses for my major. Do I still have to take the placement exam?

A: Yes. All AU students, regardless of whether or not they have met the math requirement and regardless of whether or not they plan to take more math courses must take the online math placement exam. This ensures that if a student decides to take a course in the future they will be placed in the appropriate level.

Q: I took an AP exam in high school and my previous institution gave me credit for one of my required courses. Will that course transfer and receive the AU equivalent on my AU transcript?

A: It depends. Transfer courses earned through AP credit will not be placed on a student's record until the official scores are received by the Office of Admissions. If the score is no more than six years old and you received the required score then you will receive course credit at AU. Otherwise you will only receive elective credit. For example, AU offers course credit for the AP United States History exam with a score of 4. If you scored a 3 on the exam and received course credit by your previous institution you would NOT receive course equivalents at AU and would only receive elective credit.