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Welcome to Lobes and Robes Neuroscience for Everyone

Lobes and Robes is new podcast developed by AU's Center for Neuroscience and Behavior in conjunction with the School of Public Affairs and the Washington College of Law. Converstations are led by Professor Susan Carle, Washington College of Law, and AU Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience, Dr. Terry Davidson.

Advances in neuroscience have important implications for the development of policies designed to meet looming challenges in health care, aging, education, bioethics, child welfare, environmental and national security. Furthermore, addiction, violent crime, dementia, and obesity pose threats to our well-being that are unlikely to be addressed effectively without the translation of sound behavioral and neuroscience into effective public policy and law. However, even though the final goals may be the same, the worlds of science and policymaking seem far apart in culture, language, and modes of action. An important goal of our Lobes and Robes podcast is to bridge these gaps by bringing scientists and policymakers together to share their perspectives,with each other and with the audience, on how to address some of the most pressing problems of our time. In addition, the Lobes and Robes podcast aims to use these discussions to better educate our audiences both outside and with academia, about how science and policy making serves the public good.

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Center for Neuroscience and Behavior

The center promotes excellence in the study of brain function and its manifestation in behavior.

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Season 2

Philosophical Pragmatists
Lobes and Robes
Lobes & Robes Season 2
Lobes & Robes Season 2
The Links Between Dignity Neuroscience & International Human Rights Law
Effects on the Brain of Islamophobia and Other Forms of Discrimination
Dealing with the Psychological Effects of Racial Trauma

Season 1: Episodes 1-8

Episode 1
The Neuroscience of Drug Abuse
Episode 7: Foods that harm and foods that protect the brain
Food and Drug Laws
Episode 5
Episode 8: Neuroscience and Anti-Discrimination Law
Neuro Myths
Chemical Weapons: The Science and the Policy