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The Khan Institute strives to advance research and education on global economic activity and the efficacy of digital systems.

A $5 Million Gift to American University Advances Cyber and Economic Security

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The Shahal M. Khan Cyber and Economic Security Institute (Khan Institute) is launching with a $5 million gift from Shahal M. Khan, SIS/BA ’95, and a partnership with Cyber Range Solutions (CRS).  

The Khan Institute will offer training courses, guest speaker lectures, and workshops in cyber incident response, network security, and the protection of vital infrastructure. The institute builds on AU’s interdisciplinary approach to drive research across the university community and builds on the strong foundation in inclusive technology policy.

The Khan Institute and CRS will develop a state-of-the-art cybersecurity center of excellence featuring a cyber range, which is a facility where simulated cyber training activities and research can be conducted in order to train and instruct students and cyber security professionals on incident response and how to secure networks and protect critical, high-value assets and infrastructure against cyberattacks.

National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy

Through the newly launched Shahal M. Khan Institute for Cyber and Economic Security, and in collaboration with our global technology partner Cyber Range Solutions, AU is transforming cyber education by grounding technical cyber exercises in the context of national security and economic policy. In addition, AU announced its commitment to helping equip every American with foundational cyber skills.

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Please send us an email to inquire about the Institute. Follow us on LinkedIn at American University Cybersecurity Network and tag us on Instagram @AUKhanInstitute. 


Recent Events

Sharing Perspectives on How to Bridge the Digital Divide - A conversation with ITU Secretary General Doreen Bogdan-Martin

On March 19, 2024, the Inclusive Tech Policy Initiative and (ITP) and the Shahal M. Khan Institute hosted ITU Secretary General and AU alum, Doreen Bogdan-Martin, for a breakfast event and discussion about bridging the digital divide. AU students, faculty, and staff came together to discuss AI biases, inequalities in the cyber space, and how to increase digital connectivity while also addressing the rise of cybercrime. Thank you to CrowdStrike for sponsoring the breakfast.

Phishing Prevention: A Symposium on Protecting Consumers and Businesses

The US Chamber of Commerce and the Shahal M. Khan Institute partnered on organizing the 2024 Phishing Symposium’s. On March 20, 2024, this symposium brought together anti-phishing experts, consumer groups, financial industry representatives, public safety agencies, and legislative staffers to discuss the current state of play and mitigation strategies. Conversations included topics such as how to starve cybercriminals of the technical resources needed to conduct attacks, what industry-led initiatives can address this problem, and what policy and legislative approaches are needed.

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