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Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns

The PHS Policy, and the Animal Welfare Act regulations, identify the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) as having primary responsibility for addressing animal welfare concerns. There are many concerns that can arise in an Animal Care and Use Program, from mere curiosity, through misperception and misunderstanding, to actual allegations of wrong doing.

It is very important that AU creates and maintains an environment of open and responsible communication to assure that appropriate AU officials are kept abreast of significant activities in our Animal Care and Use Program. Those AU officials include: The Chair, IACUC, Attending Veterinarian; and the Compliance Officer.

The following categories of incidents should be identified and reported.

An incident or finding that involves any of the following must be reported to the IACUC (and then to the AU Institutional Official (by the Chair, IACUC) as quickly as possible:

•Animal death, animal injury, or compromise of animal well-being has occurred due to negligence or inappropriate behavior by anyone at AU's facilities;

•Any serious or continuing noncompliance with PHS Policy; any serious deviation from the provisions of the Guide.

If you have any uncertainty about whether an incident or activity needs to be reported, please report it. To report animal welfare concerns, contact the IACUC through the Research Compliance Office at 202-885-3447 or email