SIS invites students to upload unofficial transcripts from most college, university, and other post-secondary institutions for admission review purposes. Special requirements and restrictions for submission of certain types of transcripts are explained below. If you have a question about your particular institution that is not answered here, please contact our office prior to submitting your documents.

An "unofficial" transcript is a document that has been opened and examined by the student or printed from an institution's website before being submitted to SIS. Any transcript that you upload to your application is considered "unofficial."

An "official" transcript is a document that has been prepared, authenticated and sealed by the Registrar at your college or university. To be considered official, a transcript must be mailed unopened, or released via secure electronic transfer, directly from your institution to our office. Please note: students who have attended institutions outside of the U.S. are required to submit official transcripts with degree confirmation and certified translation (if applicable) at the time of application submission. Your application will not be reviewed until official transcripts from all international institutions attended have been received by our office.

Although we strongly prefer that you submit unofficial copies of original paper transcripts (scanned and uploaded as PDFs), we will accept grade reports/copies of transcripts downloaded from your institution's website, provided that:

  1. The institution name/logo is clearly displayed.
  2. The grade report is printed directly from your institution's online system (with your institution's URL clearly visible on the document) and scanned into our system as a PDF. We cannot accept grade reports/transcripts that have been copied into Microsoft word or a similar text edit program.

Each submitted transcript must clearly show the institution name, course title, course level (if applicable, e.g. 300, 400, etc.), grade earned in each course, number of credits earned in each course, and degree awarded (if applicable). If your degree is yet to be awarded, the transcript must have some indication of your enrollment in that degree program. An official transcript, confirming degree conferral and consistent with the transcript information provided in the original application, will be required of all incoming students prior to the start of classes. SIS reserves the right to rescind the offer of admission to any applicant who is not able to provide sufficient degree conferral information in their final, official transcript.

Unofficial transcripts from international institutions may be uploaded for reference only; you are still required to mail us official transcripts with degree confirmation and translation (if applicable) before your application can be reviewed. Please review the following complete list of international transcript requirements carefully before you proceed:

  • Original/Official Transcripts or Academic Records: Original/official transcripts or academic records are required and must reflect all courses taken and grades and credentials received. Transcript(s) need to be issued by the appropriate records office of the institution and must be stamped/authenticated. Transcript(s) must show courses and grades from all years of study, not just the final year(s).
  • Degree Confirmation: If you hold a degree from a post-secondary institution but the transcript from that institution does not bear the title of the degree and the date it was conferred, an endorsed/attested copy of the original diploma is required to be submitted along with the transcript. If you have yet to receive the degree, the transcript must have some indication of enrollment in that degree program.
  • English Translations: If the original transcripts or degree confirmation are not in English, original English translations must be provided together with the original transcript or diploma. Translations must come from recognized bodies such as university, embassy, overseas EducationUSA Advising Centers, or other certified translation agencies. Translations alone or unattested copies of any document will not be accepted. If you choose to upload an unofficial transcript to your application, translations must be uploaded with it.
  • Transcript Evaluation: If you attended a non-U.S. institution, one of our evaluators will do an assessment of your foreign transcripts and credential(s). However, you are welcome to submit an official evaluation by WES, ECE, or ACCRAO to help expedite the processing of your application.

You should submit transcripts from each institution where you completed more than one semester of full-time coursework, unless the course title, course level, grades and credits earned at previous institutions appear on the degree institution transcript(s) you submit to us.If our admissions staff is unable to assess your previous performance from the transcript(s) submitted, you may be asked to provide additional documentation before your application can be reviewed.

You should submit study abroad transcripts only if one of the following applies:

  1. your program was longer than one semester
  2. you completed relevant social science coursework while abroad
  3. you earned a credential/degree from that institution.

If the courses and grades of your study abroad are already reflected on your home institution transcript, you do not need to submit an original transcript from the study abroad institution.

Students who have attended institutions outside of the U.S. are required to submit official transcripts before their applications can be reviewed for admission. Admitted students with unofficial domestic or official, in-progress transcripts that do not show degree conferral will be required to submit official transcripts confirming degree conferral prior to enrolling.

Sending by U.S. mail:
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Sending by courier/overnight service(FEDEX, DHL, etc.):
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Sending by email (to submit application materials only, if you need to contact the admissions office directly, email