Former CSINT Team Members

Audrey Kurth Cronin Founding Director, 2019-2022

Professor Audrey Kurth Cronin is one of the world’s leading experts on security and how conflicts end which earned her the honored title of Distinguished Professor at American University. Her career incorporates experience in both academic and policy positions, both in the US and abroad. Before joining American University in 2016, she was founding Director of the International Security Program at George Mason University. Previously, she worked as a Specialist in Terrorism at the Congressional Research Service, advising Members of Congress in the aftermath of 9/11. She also held a number of positions in the US executive branch, including in the office of the Secretary of Defense for Policy, and was Director of Studies for Oxford University’s Changing Character of War program. She has been Chairman of the Global Agenda Council of the World Economic Forum and a frequent speaker at the WEF’s annual meeting in Davos. She is the author of dozens of articles and numerous books, notably including How Terrorism Ends: Understanding the Decline and Demise of Terrorist Campaigns (Princeton University Press, 2009). She currently serves as the Director and Trustees Professor of Security and Technology, at the Institute for Politics and Strategy at Carnegie Mellon.

Jess Regan Former Program Specialist, 2019-2023

Jess Regan coordinated and managed projects and activities within the center. Her diverse background in higher education, non-profit work, and the digital arts allowed her to provide a myriad of support to the Center through various channels. Jess's responsibilities included production of digital and tangible marketing materials including newsletter and annual reports, event planning and execution, content development and management, creating and managing the CSINT Summer Internship and Fellows Program, maintaining social media outlets and website, and establishing and managing core administrative tasks. 

Former CSINT Associated Faculty

  • Laura DeNardis, Professor
  • Megan Stewart, Assistant Professor

Former CSINT Research Associates

  • Hannah Chesterton, Ph.D.

Former CSINT Fellows and Interns