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Promoting global cooperation; preventing global conflict

The Global Governance, Politics, and Security (GGPS) program provides students with the knowledge and analytical skills for meaningful careers in international affairs and public service. Our students operate within the complex governance structures that manage international challenges, and work in the public and private sector to promote national and international security goals. The GGPS curriculum provides the expertise and experience necessary to turn individual passions into rigorous analysis and practical solutions.

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The Global Governance, Politics, and Security (GGPS) master's degree requires 36 credit hours of graduate coursework, including a capstone, that can be completed in two years (full-time) or up to six years (part-time). Our program takes a multidisciplinary approach to understanding relations among and beyond states and societies on the global stage. We prepare international affairs professionals with a grounding in global history, political dynamics, and economic systems, as well as the methodological tools and practical skills needed to make sense of data and transform rigorous analysis into innovative policies and programs in the fields of global governance and global security.

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Global Governance, Politics, and Security faculty understand the dual importance of acquiring knowledge and practical skills. They are established practitioners and prominent researchers in global governance, border stability, political violence, state capacity, corruption, international political economy, and state-building. They possess decades of impressive real-world experience, including commanding troops in the field and both advising and testifying before Congress.

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Located in Washington, DC, the epicenter of global affairs, GGPS brings the nation’s capital into the classroom. The combination of a large, active faculty and alumni committed to supporting current students gives you access to a wide-ranging network of individuals and organizations that will benefit you during your time at SIS and long after. Students will find extensive opportunities with international organizations, embassies, US government offices, think tanks, and other educational institutions around the city.

The Global Environmental Policy (GEP) degree is part of the Global Environmental Politics Program at the School of International Service. Students pursuing their MA in Global Environmental Policy will collaborate with their cohort and will work closely with students pursuing the MA in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development, GEP’s sister degree nested within the Global Environmental Politics Program.

Since 2013, GGPS has had 20

Presidential Management Fellowship finalists

Top employers: US Department of State, IMF, National Democratic Institute, CIA, Search for Common Ground, USAID, Ntrepid Corporation, Raytheon

Exploring New Interests on and off Campus

Ansley Vickers, SIS/MA '20

What I did outside of the classroom informed what I did at AU.

Through my internship, I became more interested in the policy issues, so I shaped my coursework to reflect that interest. Syncing my coursework with the internship experience so the two can inform each other has been very helpful.

Learn more about Vickers’ time at SIS and professional experiences after graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Global Governance, Politics, and Security Master’s Degree Program provides students with the specialized training and necessary skills to launch careers in international affairs and public service. Our graduates find positions in national, state, and local governments; they enter the private sector as consultants and executives in think tanks, transnational corporations, and international banks; and they join nonprofit organizations and NGOs.

Looking for more information or help? SIS has a dedicated career development center to assist current students and alumni.

When you should apply to the program depends on what semester you want to start taking classes in and whether you are a domestic or international student.

Application deadlines for an MA in International Affairs: Global Governance, Politics, and Security are as follows:

  • Fall semester: January 15
  • Spring semester: October 1

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The School of International Service offers merit-based aid in the form of scholarships and fellowships at the time of admission. SIS also has partnerships with a number of organizations like the Peace Corps and Pickering Fellowship that provide qualified individuals with funding.

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GGPS students may choose to research other relevant fellowship opportunities.

Need-based aid is available through AU Central Office and generally takes the form of a federal low-interest loan package.

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