IPCR in Action

IPCR students are active, engaged world citizens who want to make a positive difference. In preparing to become a professional peacebuilder, you’ll have various hands-on opportunities to make meaningful impacts in your chosen field even before you graduate. Our renowned practitioners serve as role models by engaging in important fieldwork, and student organizations provide yet another outlet for your developing skill set.

Student Organizations

A look at some of the ways you can get involved during your time on campus.

AU Negotiation Project

The American University Negotiation Project (AUNP) is a forum for students to practice and refine their negotiation techniques in simulations and skills workshops. AUNP negotiation simulations cover diverse topics, such as international relations, business, public policy, and law, and take various formats, such as bilateral, multiparty, and mediated negotiations. Previous knowledge of a topic or negotiation format is never necessary for simulations participants, and we often invite guest speakers to enhance simulations and provide valuable background information. During each simulation and subsequent debrief, participants gain valuable insight into their own interpersonal negotiation abilities and develop a better understanding of the challenges that conflicting parties and mediators face.

To contact AUNP, email aunp@american.edu. Follow AUNP on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Society for Peace and Conflict Resolution

The Society for Peace and Conflict Resolution (SPCR) brings graduate students together with practitioners and academics in the fields of conflict resolution, conflict analysis, public policy, and peace studies. We empower students to engage in international affairs through global conflict resolution, peace activism, and social justice. Peace relies on the initiative of those willing to pursue it, so SPCR provides a vehicle for students to work toward peace by furthering their education and exploring professional opportunities. SPCR's wide range of programming includes academic panels with experts in the field, roundtable forums and discussions, film screenings, networking events, and fundraising activities.

To contact Society for Peace and Conflict Resolution, email spcr@american.edu


Creative Peace Initiatives

Creative Peace Initiatives (CPI) is a student organization that coordinates and supports peace initiatives and creative peacebuilding programs domestically and internationally. We seek to empower students and educators to become peacemakers in their communities. CPI creates peacebuilding opportunities in the DC-area with service programs, trainings, conferences, guest speakers, and networking opportunities.

CPI is always looking for energetic students and community members to join our activities and to explore creative peacebuilding interests. To contact Creative Peace Initiatives, email cpi.american@gmail.com.

Graduate Student Council

The SIS Graduate Student Council (GSC) is committed to providing professional development, advocating for graduate students, and building a school-wide community. GSC provides opportunities to graduate students to plan and participate in social and professional development events, serve on school committees, advocate for themselves and their peers, and generally have their voices heard in the SIS administration. With a team of senators representing the various programs at the School of International Service and a dedicated Executive Council, the GSC strives to be a leader both inside and outside American University. Contact the GSC at ausisgsc@gmail.com