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National Student Leadership Conference College Credit Program

Enroll in an online college course that complements your NSLC program.

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As a promising young leader, you do not sit on the sidelines of a challenge. You call upon your talents to pursue your aspirations, to tackle problems, to reach for a higher standard. Taking on a challenge is as much about testing yourself as it is as about achieving success.

American University (AU) offers an enriching challenge to National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC) students: enroll in a college course that complements your NSLC program. Through AU's college credit option, you will enjoy a stimulating, innovative, and personalized college-level learning experience tailored to fit your interests.

American University and the National Student Leadership Conference have a unique partnership that enables NSLC participants to earn college credit from AU. The AU credit option expands on instruction derived from the lectures, simulations, and other experiential learning gained through your NSLC program through a supplemental online course taught by AU faculty. Each NSLC program has a unique AU course designed to correlate with your program's area of study. This credit-bearing course is specifically designed to work within the framework of the NSLC program, allowing students to pursue areas of interest in greater depth with an AU professor. Students may enroll only in the AU course associated with their NSLC program. Each course is for 1 college credit and is taught online in an asynchronous format, allowing students ample time to complete assignments. No coursework is expected to be completed while on campus. Learn more in Program Details.

Taking a college course will help to prepare you for the expectations of higher education. In addition, college credit from American University can add value to your college applications and resume, and AU credit is transferable to most accredited colleges and universities.

Program Benefits

  • Earn college credit
  • Enjoy personal instruction from your college professor
  • Gain in-depth insight in a field of interest
  • Enhance your college applications
  • Gain an official AU transcript

Frequently Asked Questions

This credit option does not take away from your activities at the NSLC but further enriches your experience. This is an opportunity to widen your focus at the NSLC and to continue to learn after the program under the supervision of an AU professor.

In recognition of the scholastic aptitude and leadership merit of the students selected for NSLC, American University is offering a special reduced tuition rate of $965. Please note that AU will process a 1098-T tax document which reflects the financial aid received by students. 

The college credit courses are taught by American University faculty. For more information on particular courses, please see the course offerings

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