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What to expect

American University is proud to partner with the NSLC to provide NSLC participants with the opportunity to earn college credit from AU. The credit option is available to all NSLC participants regardless of the location of your program.  The course, which is taught online upon returning home, allows students to pursue areas of interest in greater depth with an AU professor. Students may enroll only in the AU course associated with their particular NSLC program.

Prior to your arrival on campus, you will access a welcome letter from your professor by logging in to your myNSLC portal.

On the opening day of NSLC, students enrolled in the AU credit option will create their AU portal account. While on campus, students will attend an introductory session to get acquainted with how to access course materials, including the course syllabus, on AU's electronic Blackboard. This session will in no way interfere with NSLC activities. No reading or work will be asigned while students are on campus.

After you return home, you will access instructional material via AU's Blackboard platform at hours that suit your own schedule. This instruction may include lectures recorded by their professor, podcasts, documentaries, and discussion posts. You will have 30 days from the last day of your on-campus program to complete your work and submit it to your professor. Extensions are possible, but students must receive written permission from their professor. Professors remain accessible to student questions for 30 days after the on-campus segment.


Students may take the college credit for a letter grade (A-F), if they anticipate transferring the credit to another college or university. However, since this is university-level work, selecting to enroll in the course credit on a pass/fail basis may be a good choice. To choose the pass/fail option you must email the NSLC College Credit Coordinator at before the first day of your NSLC program. Please note that a grade of Pass indicates performance of no less than a 2.0 on a conventional grading scale. Please be advised that failure to complete assignments may result in failing the course which will be reflected on your permanent college transcript. If no assignments are completed, the student's incomplete status will default to a failed grade.

Late Assignments

Late assignments will not be accepted unless you receive written permission from your professor. Sometimes students have trips or obligations following their return home which prevent them from meeting a course deadline; in such cases, students must inform their professor before returning home so they can obtain a brief extension. Failure to complete assignments may result in failing the course which will be reflected on your permanent college transcript.


Upon enrolling in the college credit option, NSLC will provide instructions on completing and uploading to the NSLC portal a one-page transcript request form. AU's Registrar will mail your transcript once final grades are posted to students' academic records. The Registrar will send additional copies of transcripts to colleges or universities to which you are applying; however, you must submit an additional transcript form and follow instructions found on the FAQ alumni page. Please be aware that the Registrar will never send your transcript without your direct permission.


American University awards credit based on a minimum of 12.5 instructional hours and 25 hours of independent student work per credit. Instructional hours are derived not only from the lectures, simulations, and other experiential learning gained through your NSLC program, but also from supplemental classes with an AU professor.

AU credit is transferable to most accredited colleges and universities. In recognition of the scholastic aptitude and leadership merit of the students selected for NSLC, American University is offering a special reduced tuition rate of $820 per credit.

Payments are made directly to the NSLC. Upon acceptance to your program, please log-in to myNSLC and complete the "College Credit" form. All payments are made directly through NSLC. For any payment-related questions, please contact NSLC at or call 1-800-994-NSLC (6752).

Withdrawals and Refunds

Please review all Registrar regulations regarding changes to your enrollment. The last day to drop your course and receive a full refund is 30 days prior to the start of your NSLC program. To receive the refund, you must provide written notification of cancellation to the NSLC. No refunds will be provided if a student cancels registration (or reduces the number of credits) within 29 days of the start of the session.

Any changes to a registration must adhere to the following deadlines and will be subject to the refund policy. Changes made more than 30 days before the start of your AU course should be made directly to NSLC; Changes made within 30 days of the start must be communicated to the NSLC first and then to AU by emailing

Add/Drop a Course

Last day to drop a course and receive a refund
30 days prior to the start date of the AU course
Last day to add a course
Start date of the AU course
Last day to drop a course (without "withdrawal")
Fifth day of the AU course
Last day to drop a course (with "withdrawal")
23rd day of the AU course

Change of Grade Type

Last day to change the grade type (e.g., letter grade of pass/fail)
First day of the AU course