Practica are designed to give second-year master's students real-world experiences in project management and consulting while preparing them for post-graduate careers. Students spend one semester working in teams with clients, including US and international government agencies, non-profit organizations, and businesses, to conduct policy and program analyses. Students draw on their substantial research, as well as qualitative and quantitative skills, to prepare final oral and written analyses and recommendations. Some students may choose to use the Practicum as an opportunity to gain experience abroad, while others may choose to remain local.

The Practica are led by faculty mentors who hold class sessions weekly. The Practica teaches students skills that enhance their project management, client relations, oral presentation, and writing abilities.

Application Periods

Summer Practica
Opens in late January
Closes in early February
Fall Practica
Opens in early February
Closes in late February
Spring Practica
Opens in late September
Closes in early October

Practica clients have included the US Department of State, Alliance for Peacebuilding, Rural Coalition and National Family Farm Coalition, and many more!

On average 24

Practica are offered each year, many of which occur in the spring.

3-credit courses that can fulfill graduate students' capstone requirement

Engaging with US agriculture policy

Tracy Watson, SIS/MA ’17

Agriculture policy is at the nexus of so many important issues.

In the US Agriculture Policy Practicum, I conducted research on Black farm land loss and associated impacts, and presented my findings to clients. Unlike traditional class structures, our research was based on ongoing dialogue with our clients, giving it a critical dynamism and egalitarianism. Our deliverables will be used for policy advocacy and community engagement by our community partners, and we hope this will broaden the discourse on agricultural policy and our client's audience for their work.