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Practica at a glance

Terms offered
Fall, Spring, and Summer
3 credits, which may count toward graduate capstone requirement

Learning Objectives

Each Practicum course will have its own unique subject matter and deliverables tailored to client needs, but there are a few cross-cutting learning objectives:

  • Critical Thinking and Analysis: Researching and conceptualizing problems, defining the scope of a project and breaking it down into workable components
  • Teamwork: Working effectively as a team member by identifying key tasks, sharing responsibility for the project, and ensuring all deadlines are met
  • Client Relations: Establishing a positive working relationship with a client by understanding the client's needs and deadlines, leading productive meetings, following up with client requests, and managing expectations
  • Oral Presentation: Delivering an organized, articulate presentation to the client with effective remarks and graphical aids
  • Written Presentation: Preparing a professional, cleanly written document that identifies the client's problem and offers thoughtful analysis and recommendations


Because each Practicum offering is different, the required deliverables for each course will vary depending on client needs. However, each student should expect to make meaningful contributions toward both a final oral presentation and a written report, which will be presented to both the client and the American University community at the conclusion of the semester-long Practicum.

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for a Practicum, students must have completed 18 credits prior to the start of the Practicum and be in good standing academically. Dual degree (MA/MBA or JD/MA) students must have completed 9 of the minimum 18 SIS credits to be eligible for Practica. Master of International Service (MIS) students must have completed at least 15 credits toward their degree to apply, while MIS International Studies Track students much have completed 9 credits.