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SIS is a diverse community united by a common commitment to service.

At SIS, the pursuit of knowledge aims to tackle the greatest global challenges of our time. Our research approach is inclusive and multidisciplinary, a place where issues and outcomes matter more than methodologies and schools of thought. We believe that the inclusion of diverse approaches and views is the foundation of rigorous research. We hope you’ll take a moment to explore all of the exciting research projects, publications, and events happening at SIS.

Total grant funding increased more than 50 percent from 2018 to 2019

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SIS Scholars on COVID-19

Learn more about how SIS faculty is engaging with COVID themes across the globe, and disciplines.


Natalia Cañas.

Research ·

Shlonsky Award Recipient Researches COVID-19’s Impact on DC’s Latinx Community

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Panelists speaking at event

An Insider’s Look at the 2020 Election


Amitav Acharya

Achievements ·

SIS Professor Amitav Acharya Wins AU’s Scholar/Teacher of the Year Award

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Listen now to the latest episode: War by Proxy
The flag of the United Nations.

International ·

75 Years On, Does the UN Still Matter?

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Scholar, Practitioner, Leader

My research allows me to dig deep in the data and get creative.

I advise policymakers on the effects of global integration on local labor markets with an emphasis on Brazil, most recently as a Senior International Economist in President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers. In June of this year, I was honored to be ranked in the top five percent of female economists worldwide, according to IDEAS, the largest bibliographic database dedicated to economics.