Independent activities abroad?

All SIS graduate students who intend to undertake any academic-related activities abroad, either for credit or non-credit bearing, that is not arranged through the SIS Office of International Programs (OIP) must register this activity with OIP and SIS Graduate Advising.

This includes:

  • Internships
  • Research projects / independent study
  • Conferences
  • Students traveling abroad for an SIS practica course during the fall and spring semesters
  • Any other independent academic activity abroad


In order to obtain approval for the desired activity, course registration, and to be covered by the mandatory international travel insurance, students participating in any of the above-mentioned activities must complete the Graduate Global Program application. If the activity is registered for credit they must also complete the GGP Trip Info Form described below.

  • Online Graduate Global Program (GGP) registration. As you begin an application, select the term of your application based on when you begin your travel. For example, if you start your application in the fall, but will go abroad in spring, you should select the spring application term. Activities that span multiple semesters only require one Graduate Global Program application for the starting semester.
  • GGP Trip Information Form is required for students completing an activity that is for credit or meets degree requirements (such as an internship or independent research). It includes details about your itinerary and should include a discussion with your advisor in order to obtain their signature.

Please Note: Students participating in an SIS practica course during the fall or spring semesters do not need to receive signatures from their faculty or academic advisor.

As part of registering for the Graduate Global Program and obtaining international travel insurance through ACE, the student will be charged to their student account based on the length of the overseas trip:

$6.50 per week* / $23.00 per month / $85.00 per semester
*any portion of a week (e.g. a four-day stay) will be charged as a whole week

The term of your application is based on when you begin your travel dates. For example, if your date of departure falls during the summer program application dates, you will submit your application for the summer term.

Application Deadlines

Spring 2017: April 30, 2017 

Summer 2017: August 28, 2017 

Fall 2017: December 31, 2017

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