Graduate Semester Abroad

World-class experiences at worldwide locations

SIS graduate semester abroad programs provide current students with the unique opportunity to earn AU credit while studying at a partner institution. Students spend one semester taking courses at the host institution and are fully integrated in student life at the host campus. Students who attend these programs find that the coursework and research done abroad complements their AU degrees and enriches their knowledge in a regional or functional concentration.

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Steps to Study Abroad

Curious about the steps needed to study abroad? Read more about the process with our step by step guide!

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How the programs work

  • Students register for AU/SIS exchange credit for the semester in which they will be studying at the partner institution. These exchange credits typically cover coursework only; research and/or internship credit will be registered under normal AU guidelines.
  • Students pay AU tuition and fees. This allows them to apply their financial aid packages to their semester abroad. As semester programs are designed for the independent graduate student, additional program fees do not apply.
  • All applicants must submit a $50.00 application fee at the time of opening a study abroad application. 
  • Students pay limited fees to the partner institution. These fees can include welcome program, state-mandated insurance, and activities fees.
  • Students are responsible for their own accommodation, airfare, ground transportation, school supplies, and other personal living expenses while at the partner institution.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Programs are open to all graduate students from any AU school or college
  • All SIS MA students must complete one semester of classes at AU prior to participating in an SIS study abroad program. Student’s may begin an application to go abroad during their first semester at SIS.
  • Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA at AU and be cleared by Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Services for participation.
  • Students must meet with their academic advisors to get approval for the courses they plan to take prior to departure.
  • All programs are competitive and submitting an application does not guarantee admission.

Please note: Eligibility requirements may vary by partner institution.