A Master's Degree Partnership Program

American University's International Training and Education Program (ITEP) has partnered with the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) to offer a Master degree program toward Advancing Education in Muslim Societies (AEMS).

The MA in International Training and Education is a comparative and international education (CIE) program which is multi-disciplinary; graduates tend to concentrate in university internationalization and cross-cultural exchange or education in developing areas and the global south. Smaller numbers of students pursue careers in the internationalization of the K-12 sector, education for immigrant and refugee populations, and education and global health.

ITEP is the only graduate program in the field of international education with a focus on cross-cultural and global training. ITEP’s training focus is unique in the field globally. This preparation of skilled practitioners in training and facilitation in diverse, cross-cultural contexts is in high demand by employers.


AEMS focuses on developing the third space where social emotional learning is the means for educational reform in Muslim societies. ITEP's new academic partnership with International Institute of Islamic Thought's (IIIT) initiative on AEMS offers a specialized track with specific admissions requirements for AEMS student candidates.

The ITEP faculty place a high priority on student diversity, prioritizing candidates who bring experiences from all corners of the globe and come from diverse backgrounds. ITEP is particularly interested in training the next generation of leaders and researchers in the field of CIE. Courses on social theory, culture, and global equity in education are oriented toward encouraging students to ask “big questions” and think outside the box (and not just evaluate and implement other people’s ideas).

All courses are three-credits unless otherwise noted.

EDU* denotes 'Education' and core ITEP courses that must be taken during this term due to term offerings and program requirements

Summer 2019 July 1 - August 8, 2019
EDU 618 Human Growth and Development Across the Life Span (3)***
EDU 596 Muslim Majority Societies (3)***
EDU 596 Writing Literature Reviews (1)***

Fall 2019
EDU 610 * Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods (3)
EDU 611* Social Theory (3)
EDU 698* Comparative and International Education (3)
EDU 596 Skills Institute- Proposed Research Training Topics (1)***

Spring 2020
EDU 790* Advanced Quantitative Research Methods (3)
EDU 642* Training and Program Design (3)
EDU 685* Proseminar (3)***
EDU 596 Skills Institute- Proposed Research Training Topics (1)***

Summer 2020 May 18 - June 4, 2020
EDU 596 Education Reform in the Global South (3)

***These courses will be offered at the IIIT classroom space in Herndon, VA.

IIIT LogoITEP and the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) have many goals that are closely aligned. This partnership reinforces our shared goals — learn more at IIIT.

IIIT achieves its objectives by:

  • Carrying out evidence-based research in advancing education in Muslim societies.
  • Disseminating research through publication and translation, teaching, policy recommendations, and strategic engagements.
  • Exploring educational issues at the intersection of policy, pedagogy, curricula, governance, and evaluation of impact.
  • Renewal of Islamic Thought as an impetus to advancing education in Muslim societies.
  • Statement of Purpose
    Please write a statement that discusses what Advancing Education in Muslim Societies means to you and how this program will advance your career goals.
  • Transcripts
    International applicants are required to complete an official transcript evaluation. Transcript evaluations must be submitted to American University in lieu of the international transcript.
  • English Language Examination Scores
    The minimum accepted score for the TOEFL exam is 100. The minimum accepted IELTS score is 7.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
    If the candidate for admission provides a nomination letter from the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), then only one letter of recommendation is required.
  • Resume

The application fee for AEMS track candidates is waived; please contact to receive the waiver code.

Please see additional information at International Student Applicants.

Regular Tuition : $53,411

AEMS Partnership Rate : $34,959*

Further, IIIT will offer free housing on an as-needed basis.

*Based on current tuition rates for a complete 30-credit graduate program.

Stay tuned to learn more about our program by signing up for a virtual open house or an on-campus information session.