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Notable Alumni


Jay Apperson, Former Chief Counsel, Committee on the Judiciary, BA/SPA'78

Donald Bathurst, Chief Administrative Officer, Department of Homeland Security, MPA/SPA'90

The Honorable Kenneth Bentsen, former Member of Congress, President, Equipment Leasing Association, MPA/SPA'85

Glen Bolger , President, Public Opinion Strategies, BA/SPA'85

Clarence Crawford, Director of Federal Practice, Deloitte Consulting, LLP, MPA/SPA'79

Robert Engel, AU Part-Time SPA Faculty, Former Program Director, National Committee for an Effective Congress, BA/SPA'82

Susan K. Hattan, Senior Consultant, National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, MA/SPA'77

Lindee Lenox, Director, Memorial Programs Service, VA National Cemetery Administration, MPA/SPA/03

U.S. Rep. Donald A. Manzullo (R-IL), BA/SPA'67

Eileen Mason , Senior Deputy Chairman, National Endowment for the Arts, MPA/SPA/90

Retired Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey, President, BR McCaffrey Associates, LLC, Former Chairman, Federal Government Division, HNTB - Washington, DC, MA/SPA'71

Rep. James P. McGovern (D-MA), BA/CAS'81, MPA/SPA'84

Warren Miller, President, Warren L. Miller, P.C. and former Chair, U.S. Commission for America's Preservation Abroad, BA/SPA'66

Nicole Nason, Assistant Secretary, Department of Transportation, BA/SPA'92

Robert Otto, Chief Technology Officer, US Postal Service, MPA/SPA'88

Anthony Pajunas, Manager of Logistics, United States Postal Service, MPA/SPA'99

Pearlie S. Reed, Acting Assistant Secretary for Administration, Dept. of Agriculture, MPA/SPA'80

Alan J. Roth, Senior Executive Vice President, United States Telecom Association, Former Staff Director & Chief Counsel, Committee on Commerce, U.S. House of Representatives, BA/SPA'75

H. Arthur Sauer, Deputy Director, Committee on the Budget, U.S. House of Representatives, BA/SPA'69

Jeffrey D. Stern, Executive Director, Advisory Council, US Department of Homeland Security, MPA/SPA'99

Gwendolyn Sykes, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Morehouse College, MPA/SPA'01

Frances Fragos Townsend, Political Contributor, the Situation Room, CNN, BA/SPA'82

William Trencher, Chief Counsel/Chief of Staff, US International Trade Commission, BA/SPA'69


James "Jim" Brett, President and CEO, New England Council, BA/SPA'73

Muriel Bowser, Mayor, Washington, DC, SPA/MPP '00

Theodore Carter, former President & CEO of the National Capital Revitalization Corporation, Executive Managing Director, CB Richard Ellis, Inc., MPA/SPA'99

James H. Dillard, II, Member, Virginia House of Delegates, MA/SPA'72

Adam P. Ebbin , Member, Virginia House of Delegates, BA/SPA'85

Pamela Iorio, Mayor, Tampa, Florida, BA/SPA'81

Kevin Malecek, President, City Council, Willoughby Hills OH, BA/SPA'00, MA/SPA'02

Paul Strauss, Shadow Senator, District of Columbia, BA/SPA/86, JD/WCL'93

Sen. Richard R. Tisei , State Senator, Massachusetts, BA/SPA'84

Helene Weinstein, Assemblywoman, New York State Assembly, BA/SPA'73


Jaime Arellano, Attorney, Gomez, Krauss, Donoso, Arellano & Rojas, Llp, former Deputy Secretary of Justice, Chile, MPA/SPA/96

Marc Charles Ginsberg, Senior Vice President, APCO Worldwide, former US Ambassador to Morocco, BA/SPA'73

Pan Suk Kim, Minister, Ministry of Personnel Management in the Korean central government, South Korea, former President, International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS), Brussels, Belgium and former Secretary to the President for Personnel Policy, Office of the President, South Korea, PhD/SPA'90

Sun Kil Kim, former Minister of Marine Affairs, South Korea, PhD/SPA'62

Kenneth Merten, Special Coordinator for Haiti, U.S. Department of State and former U.S. Ambassador to Croatia and Haiti, SPA/BA '86

Chung Soo Park, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, South Korea, MA/CAS'61, PhD/SPA'65


Jeffrey Andrade, Director, Education Government Relations, Powers, Pyles, Sutter & Verville, BA/SPA'86

L. Thomas Block , Senior Vice President and Global Head of Government Affairs, JP Morgan Chase, BA/SPA'81

Stephen Brown, Senior Vice President and Counsel, The Dutko Group, BA/SPA'77

John Boyer , President and General Manager, MAXIMUS Inc., PhD/SPA'89

Mike Carroll, General Counsel, Sage Credit Company and author of Lab 257, BA/SPA'94

Pamela Deese, Partner, Arent Fox, BS/SPA'80, JD/WCL'83

Stephen Daoust, Assistant General Counsel, PricewaterhouseCoopers, BA/SPA'85

Paul Domorski, CEO, EMS Technologies, BA/SPA'76, MPA/SPA'78

Ken Duberstein, former Chief of Staff to President Reagan, Chairman, The Duberstein Group, MA/SPA'66

Susan Dweck, Management Consultant, Susan Dweck and Associates, BA/CAS/1965, MSHR/SPA'80

Erin Fuller, Vice President, The Coulter Companies, BA/SPA'93, MPA/SPA '94

Patricia Glaser, Partner/Attorney, Christensen, Miller, Fink, Glaser & Weil, BA/SPA'69

Edward Goldberg , President, Annisa Group, New York, NY, BA/SPA'68

Dana Goldinger, Partner, Succession Capital Alliance, BA/SPA'80

Peter Hofstetter, CEO, Northwestern Medical Center, MPA/SPA'77

Susan Kay , President & Founder, Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund, BA/SPA'86

Brian Keane, President, Smartpower, BA/SPA'89

Michael Kempner, President and CEO, The MWW Group, BA/SPA'81

H. Spencer Masloff, Jr., Senior Vice President, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, BA/SPA'83

Samantha Sackin, Senior Vice President, Golinharris International, BA/SPA'91

George Schaefer, Chief Financial Officer, Soltage Inc., former Vice President and Treasurer, NRG Energy, BA/SPA'72

Matthew Serbin Pittinsky, Chairman and Co-Founder Blackboard Inc., BA/SPA'94

Adam Stoll, Vice President, Municipal Finance, Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., BA/SPA'95

Joan Woodward, Executive VP-Public Policy, The Travelers Companies, Inc., BA/SPA'86, MPA/SPA'95


Neil Canton, Film Producer, Canton Co., Beverly Hills, CA, BA/SPA'70

Betsy Fischer , Executive Producer, Meet the Press, BA/SPA'92, MA/SOC'96

Joel Glazer , Executive Vice President, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, BA/SPA'89

Frank Herzog, Sports Anchor, WUSA-TV 9, Washington, DC, BA/SPA'72

Clark Howard , Consumer Advisor, WSB-TV/Radio, BA/SPA'76

Star Jones, Former Co-host, ABC's The View, New York, NY, BA/SPA'83

Al Koken, Sportscaster/Freelance Journalist, WDCA-TV and Talkshow Host, WTEM Sports Talk Radio, BS/SPA'74

Judith Sheindlin, Host, Judge Judy, Los Angeles, CA, BA/SPA'63