Alumni Profiles

Shari LaldeeShari Laldee Johnson
MSOD Cohort 69

Current position: Director, Foundation & Corporate Relations, UNCF

“The AU MSOD Program's emphasis on deepening the understanding of self, illuminated brand new personal insights that shape the ways in which I interact with the world personally and professionally. I now have a toolkit comprised of effective strategies, language, skills, theories and models that I apply to address challenges and strengthen organizations, teams, groups and individuals. I am grateful for the supportive, safe space that the MSOD program provides to take risks and uncover and address personal biases which enhance my ability to lead. Today, I am more empowered and prepared to address some of the most complex challenges."

Julian ChenderJulian Chender
MSOD Cohort 70

Current position: Workstyle Consultant, Veldhoen + Company

“The AU MSOD Program introduced me to a host of practices that have been deeply applicable to my career as an OD professional. The coaching, support, and growth were transformative and in the two years of the program I became a more authentic, complete, and competent version of myself. I cannot stress enough the importance of this personal growth, as it creates the space necessary for the technical knowledge to land and germinate. The AU MSOD's combination of technical and personal growth is unparalleled in any OD graduate program I know of and gave me a strong groundwork for developing a career in the field.”

Olu BurrellOlu Burrell
MSOD Cohort 67

Current position: HR & Organization Development Specialist, DC Department of Human Resources

“The MSOD Program has focused my career trajectory to align my gifts with how I can best serve the world and make it a better place.”

Katie Stratton, MPP/07Katie Stratton, MSOD '07

Current position: Senior Consultant, Research and Insights The Advisory Board Company

"The AU MSOD experience was so much more than your typical master's program. I was given the opportunity to deepen my understanding of the theory and practice of organization development-and of who I am and how I can impact the organizations I work with."

Katherine Coles, MSOD/09Katherine Coles, MSOD '09

Current position: Program Manager, Organizational Development and Talent Management, Amtrak

"The AU MSOD had a huge impact on my career and my life. This program prepared me for my current role as a senior consultant more than experience alone ever could. The focus on use of self really distinguishes the AU MSOD from other programs."

Jack Shankman, MSOD/99Jack Shankman, MSOD '99

Current position: Director of Organizational Development Bon Secours Health System

"I started this program after consulting for many years. It gave me a real theory base to rest my practice on-one that took me to new levels as an OD practitioner. I use what I learned every single day."

Rod Allen, MSOD/09Rod Allen, MSOD '09

Current position: Vice President of Human Resources New York Life Insurance Company

"Even though I have a fair amount of work experience, the program's focus on the scholar-practitioner added breadth and depth to my knowledge base and enhanced the quality of my work. I now have a clear picture of how to grow as a leader."

Carlos Valdes-Dapena, MSOD/00Carlos Valdes-Dapena, MSOD '00

Current position: Consultant, Customized Learning Team Mars University

"Many of us were told that the program would change our lives, and I suppose it did for me. But it did more. When I started the program I had been working in the corporate world for 13 years. I knew there was a job for me to do, but I couldn't find my place or a way to think about myself that felt authentic. The AU program gave me that clarity."

Parvez Khan, MSOD/11Parvez Khan, MSOD '11

Current position: Founder/Director of Sage Consulting Services

"It was Tao Te Ching who stated 'Do you want to be a positive influence in the world? First, get your own life in order.' That's what this program was for me - the power to change myself in order to ignite transformation in organizational systems."