Cosponsorship Requests

Please review the below cosponsorship request guidelines before filling out our online Cosponsorship Request Form.


The Center for Diversity and Inclusion welcomes opportunities to cosponsor and publicize on-campus activities. There are three types of cosponsorships available (detailed below). At this time, we are not able to cosponsor off-campus activities or individual pursuits. If you are considering applying, please read the descriptions below thoroughly and, on the first page of the cosponsorship form, check the type of request which best fits your needs.

CoSponsorship Types AND Requirements

If approved for any of the cosponsorship types listed below, you may need to include the Center for Diversity and Inclusion logo on publicity materials, and provide the Center with a flyer and Facebook event information. If approved, we will inform you of the information the Center will need.

To be eligible for a Center for Diversity and Inclusion cosponsorship:

  • You must be a Student Activities recognized student group or an AU Office/Department
  • The program must be open to and inclusive of the whole AU community
  • The program must align with the Center's mission and goals
  • Program must have a focus on education
If you are eligible, choose from one of the following types of Cosponsorship:

Different forms of cosponsorship

Marketing Cosponsorship Financial Cosponsorship Programming Cosponsoship
Marketing assistance only.* Both financial** and marketing assistance needed Plan and implement the event with the help of CDI Staff***
Includes marketing assistance
Due 2 weeks before event Due 3 weeks before event Due 4 weeks before event

*includes Facebook, Twitter, and/or CDI Newsletter

**Awards up to $150 will be given to those who meet the above criteria and fill out the co-sponsorship form. Most awards will not be given the full amount of $150, so please plan accordingly.

***Student/Full-Time Staff (includes facilitation of events and/or discussion of how to plan event)

Please fill out our online Cosponsorship Request Form. If you have questions about the form or about our selection process, please contact us by email, by calling us at 202-885-3651, or by stopping by the Center in Mary Graydon Center Room 201/202.