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Educational Training & Workshops

Note: New workshop opportunities for 2023-2024 will be shared shortly!

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Workshops are primarily 2.5 hour interactive in-person sessions designed to heighten the campus’ cultural competence, as outlined in AU’s Inclusive Excellence Plan. Further, each workshop aims to develop participants’ critical consciousness through meaningful self-reflection, exploration of how power operates, and actionable anti-oppressive tools. 

If you are looking for conversations over a multiple week time period, please see which sessions we are offering in our Intergroup Dialogue Program.

For faculty training and consultation, please visit The Center for Teaching, Research, & Learning.

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Flyer of Communicating with Compassion workshop


Communicating w/Compassion

Learn how to navigate conversations about race, gender, and identity by utilizing compassion as a tool in dialogue.

The reason many people of all classes, race, gender, etc. may not insert themselves in these types of conversations is because the nature of the topics naturally invokes a challenge of one’s own beliefs and therefore identity, this can be jarring. For this reason, it sometimes can create an environment where the outcomes of these conversations are unproductive, especially in interpersonal relationships. Preventing engagement.

In this workshop, our methodology is to help participants create an environment through an 8-Step practice that inserts behaviors that demonstrates care for another’s lived experience; where conflict, the offer to challenge one’s own beliefs, and identity is respected, and communicated in a way that allows for both parties to be heard.

Who I Am and Why It Matters to the World

In this workshop, you will experience an on-hands approach to understanding the importance of personal identity, social identity and the affects on our communities, and the world. 

Learn how socialization impacts identity development, along with defining intersectionality and it's relevance to creating a world that values differences, and considers our individual impact with regard to our own intersections.

Participants will focus on building self-awareness; this includes understanding bias, prejudice, privilege, language and how that influences the shaping of community, the willingness of acceptance and ultimately, the opportunity for societal change.

Imposter Syndrome: Don't Answer the Call

An interactive, and innovative way to learn about Imposter Syndrome, how your environment can be a factor, and gain some tools to help combat those feelings of, "I don't belong." or "I'm not enough."

Categorized as a psychological phenomenon, Imposterism, consist of feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and/or existing [in that moment or in general] in a way that is disconnected from who you truly are.

Although many individuals experience this phenomenon at some point in their lives, people who are historically minoritized experience it-- especially the ‘sense of not belonging,’ at disproportionately higher rates.

In this workshop, we identify ways imposterism shows up and how to combat it in a higher education environment.

TRAININGS: (Our trainings are offered to student staff and leaders on campus)

Inclusive Facilitation

This workshop explains the tools, and strategies that provides best practices on how to be an inclusive facilitator. You will learn how your position impacts how you facilitate, identify strategies and practices that work to ensure you’re creating a sense of belonging & community.

It's Implicit!

Learn one of the foundational themes within diversity, edquity and inclusion work; understanding and identifying implicit or unconscious bias to better support you in your roles as student leaders.

Fall 2023 Offerings

Communicating with Compassion workshop flyer

Communicating w/Compassion

Date: September 28th
Time: 2pm-4pm
Loc: Letts Lounge


Imposter Syndrome Workshop offered by CDI

Imposter Syndrome: Don't Answer the Call

Learn how to combat imposterism.


Who I am and why it matters to the world

Who I Am & Why It Matters to The World

An interactive workshop on identity