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American University

February 4, 2022

Dear Students,

On Monday, February 7, we will begin expanded surveillance testing for the AU community, as we shared with you on February 1.

Below is important information for students on when and how to take your surveillance tests. This does NOT replace the current Covid-19 protocols, which remain in effect. Surveillance testing involves taking routine samples of the population to monitor the state of spread through a community.

When to Test

Students will take a PCR surveillance test every few weeks on a rolling basis this semester. When it is your turn, you will be emailed and texted with your testing window. You will have a week to test, at your convenience. The email will come from

You can continue to test at any other time based on your personal circumstances, and if you develop symptoms or are notified as a close contact, get tested as soon as possible.

Where and How to Test


Take a drop-in PCR test at an AU testing site when it is your week for surveillance testing. Regular testing services continue, with the addition of surveillance testing.

Special Circumstances

Unvaccinated individuals: You must continue to take a PCR test twice a week as a condition of your exemption. This mandatory testing counts as surveillance testing. You will not be expected to take additional surveillance tests.

Student-Athletes: You have a regular schedule of frequent testing that counts as surveillance testing.

Students Who Tested Positive for Covid-19 In the Past 90 Days: You are not expected to participate in surveillance testing, as you should NOT take a PCR test during the 90 days after your positive Covid-19 test, due to the possibility of false positives.

More about AU’s Surveillance Testing

Surveillance testing is a public health tool that involves taking samples of a population to monitor disease spread. AU will be testing segments of our community each week, with individuals testing on a rolling basis. These further steps build on our existing testing approach and continue to support the health and safety of our community. All students, faculty, and staff are expected to participate.

Questions? The Spring 2022 Covid-19 Guide is your online source for up-to-date, comprehensive information on AU’s Covid-19 measures. We hope you find it helpful.

Thank you for helping to keep our community safe and healthy.

Division of Student Affairs